Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Apology to My Readers in Blogland

The end is near....

I must apologize to all my loyal readers for the dreariness of the last few months.  I have bored myself.... I also feel that I have become more and more humorless, which I hate!  I look forward to having something other than dismanteling the house and getting rid of the STUFF.

Anyone who has gone through the process of downsizing to get ready for full time RV travel knows that it is not fun.  When I have moved before and get down to the last of the stuff it often got tossed into a box to be sorted again when there is cupboards and drawers to put them in.  Since this is not the case this time every little pencil and piece of paper needs to be dealt with.

Liberating yes, but not fun.    In fact, these past few month have been downright HARD
I couldn't have done it without you.  I have only made it to this point out of necessity, determination, stubbornness, luck and your unwavering support!  I have given myself pep talks.  You have given me pep talks and encouragement and I am incredibly grateful.

Many, Many, Many THANKS!!

I am feeling sooooo ready to step out into our great big wonderful world.

TARGET Date:   May 15, 2013.

 As always plans are made in Jello.... in this case

Jello Shots - Have one on me!!

I feel a tickle coming on..... could that be my humor returning!!


  1. Thanks! Some red jello is really appreciated right now. ;)

  2. No need to apologize, that's for sure. We've all been through it, and are just glad it's behind us. You'll be able to say that soon enough. :)

  3. Definitely no apology needed. I haven't found you dreary at all. You have been excited and sad and glad and over whelmed and lots of things but not dreary. The end is near is right!! 2 weeks! WOW!! BUT, remember, it isn't all roses on the road either. It's still real life but it's better than any other kind IMO.

  4. I feel your pain. Gheez this is so difficult but in a way that's hidden and effecting us more than we know. I'm still awaiting our house to see some more buyers. Now we are at hospital with our FIL at 90yo wondering what is next for him. Turns in the road I guess. I get it about down to the piece of paper...where does it all come from and where does it all go! You are so so close!!!!!! Soon you will be driving down the highway, taking in the view and yelling WHEW, FINALLY!! Hang in there!

  5. Your doing a great job and soon you will be free to go where
    ever you chose. The date to leave is coming and before you know it it will be here it is only 13 more days.
    Good Luck and smile, smile, Smile.