Thursday, May 23, 2013

Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall

I woke up to a glorious morning. 

Day use area

Puffy clouds drifting by, with gentle breezes.

Total peace and quiet

looking up the lake

swimming area

   Birds chirping and singing.

A deep hole in a tree with a nest with eggs

I made some hummingbird nectar and    placed my feeder for my little friends to visit.

Can it get any better?

While sitting out soaking in the gorgeous view I drank a pot of coffee while deciding what to do in the afternoon.  I extended my reservations through the weekend to avoid having to look for another spot.  I was lucky... I don’t even have to change spots.

There is my closest neighbor
 Doesn’t anyone know about this glorious spot??? 

I went into town to run some errands.  I picked up some groceries, and a few items for fixing up some loose items on the trailer.  I stopped by Auntie’s for a visit.  When I came out the wind had blown in.... in a big way.  I remembered my solar panel sitting up at my camp to catch a few rays.
Would it still be standing upon my return?
                      ... or in a hundred shards of glass.

Upon my return to camp, all was as I left it except the hammock and chair were overturned from the wind.  I must be more careful with the solar panel! 
Since the weather forecast is more of the same for the next few days, I will be moving my pure sine inverter to the car to keep the electronics charged and use the trailer battery for lights.  With the high temperatures only reaching  60 degrees (with low in the 40‘s at night) I will be bundling up to stay warm. 

I see more napping in my future.

It rained, and rained and rained.....

In fact it got down right chilly....  So I started thinking about heat.  I have a furnace in my trailer but in four years had not ever used it.  So today is the day.  I got down on my hands and knees and inspected the furnace.  I found a metal plate with the instructions.  Low and behold..... it works.  Boy does it work.  The adjustment knob that should control the amount of heat from low to high doesn't seem to work.  It only knows high.  But I'll take it over no heat at all.

Any suggestions out there????   

Adjustments to my new way of life happen every day.
It certainly makes each day exciting.


  1. Yes this is the life. Some days are great, some are just good and almost none are bad. Without the pressure of gotta be somewhere at this time, it's easier to take the rain or whatever kinks there are and not mind too much. With a heater that only knows high, I guess I'd warm the place up and turn it off until you are too cool again. Lots of blankets at night. Glad the heater is working though. Probably just the switch.

  2. I guess you are not connected to shore power or a little electric heater would be good. I saw one at Ace that runs on battery power. I meant to go back and check it out. Don't know how cool the nights will be when I go out in my truck tent. Good Luck with the heater.

  3. hey girl, found this on at your favorite When you get to the product page, click on USED and you will find availability from the warehouse for under $50. This will certainly give you all the heat you could ever want! I have found a few places online that carry parts for these old appliances if you can find the info on what it is and the model. Just google it!