Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Litle Work, A Little Play, a Lot of Peace

A Little Work.....

I cleaned out the truck today and repacked it in a way that makes more sense.  It is hard to believe I have already been a fulltimer over a week and now in the same spot for one week. I really needed the rest and the time to finish the last of the house details.
Next, I will be getting my camp packed and ready to head over to the Portland Oregon area for a glamping weekend next weekend with girl pals and lots of vintage trailers.   I will be sure to take lots of pics to post so you can see all the fun trailers.

I also tried to replace some window screens.  The door screen went pretty well but I was able to get it off the door frame and lay it on the table.  It has one little oops but I am resolved to not look at it too closely.  I MUST give up perfect.  Good enough is certainly good enough.

What a shame, I ran out of screening material before I could tackle 2 more of the tough windows with the slatted windows.  I guess I will have to save all that fun for another day.

 A Little Play

I sat for the longest time watching hummingbirds zip to and fro to my feeder.  I lot of pictures but this was the best of the lot.

Boy did the Kitties want to get a close and personal look at those little cuties

Later on I took a little drive up the road to a nearby dam.

Dams on rivers is common in the Northwest.  Most river

Not a spectacular dam but I had fun playing peek-a-boo with this osprey that was sitting on a nest.

Eagles were soaring.... they were way to fast for me.  I have lots of pictures of clouds with out any eagles... They were long gone.

 I rewarded myself with a little nap while it rained a bit.

Then A hard hike....
I went in search of the petroglyphs that I had heard were in the area.

I found them after a short hike as they are just off the side of the road near where I am camped. It's amazing that I found them as vandals had destroyed the signs and now the petroglyphs are enclosed in a chain link fence to try and preserve them.

They were preserved for hundreds of years and then vandals attempt to destroy a part of history that so few are privileged to see.  So  senseless!!  I will never understand. 

I'm not sure what gets into me when I get on a hike  The easy little hike turned into a grueling straight up a mountain....I start hiking and something mysterious happens.  The nice little view isn't enough, I have to keep going... pushing until there is no where else to go or I'm exhausted.  Then I still WANT to go farther.  My leg held up pretty well.  Hard to believe I was hobbling just a short time ago.

Here is the view from my camp to the hill I climbed  When I was a kid I spent many Saturdays hiking the hills near my house.   It seems so much easier then.  

Looking down the hill I just hiked up

Yes it is really that steep!

Other nearby rock formations...

I hope you have a life jacket.... tomorrow is the maiden voyage of my kayak.


  1. That's a neat hummingbird feeder. Never seen one like that. :)

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the destruction of the vandals. That sort of thing just makes me furious. I do not understand it at all. What do they get out of it?? Otherwise this looks like a lovely day. So glad to hear your ankle was up to the hike.

  3. Go, Girl, Go. I am so jealous. I am looking around my life asking myself a lot of questions right now. Finished one chapter, still writing the into to the next chapter in my life. I want it to read more like yours, and I'm looking to see why I keep making choices that mean it's not.

  4. We live in Milwaukie, 20 mintues from Portland. Have a wonderful time. You might want to check out

    It's a wonderful little RV Park right on the Columbia River where you can enjoy the ships, boats, and barges coming and going.

  5. And don't miss the humoungous park a few miles from downtown Portland...lots of hiking trails in hills and woods, not to mention Japanese Gardens, rose gardens, concert venues, and people watching...
    Box Canyon Mark

  6. I think you have already found a daily rhythm! If you are interested in viewing more petroglyphs check out Columbia Hills State Park near the Dalles. A friend of mine just returned from a visit and was very impressed with the area.

  7. It's good to read your blog of changes.
    I love the humming bird feeder, never saw one like it.

    I don't get the people who have to destroy the past like that. How terribly sad they are.