Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Leap Frog Day

Ever have one of those days....
No matter how much you want to make time on the road, little things keep needing your attention and you have to stop to take care of them to start again.... and again ..... and again.....
Yep that was my day.

I had a nice visit with my friend, Sherry and we had gone out to an excellent Chinese dinner.  We came home stuffed and it was an early to bed night for me.
I woke up to drizzling rain.  Which doesn't make for a great start.  Everything needs to be dried off before putting into the trailer.  I'm still trying out where I want things in the trailer.  I'm trying to find the spot that makes the most sense and needs to be moved the least. I started out the morning with a great hot shower and off to get gas and hit the road.

After I took off I was headed down the road when I saw a sign to a winery that I LOVE their Muscat.  I hadn't been able to find it for a while so I decided to stop and get a bottle and tell them how much I liked it.   First of course I got lost, and then took a nice little tour of the country side.  So after about an hour in country side which was gorgeous, I decided to get out my computer and look for directions.  (Notice I still have to do it wrong before I can get it right.  I must work on that,)  When I turned on the power the light came on.... but a black screen... Nothing I could do would start the computer.

PANIC.  What no computer.  That would be like taking away my voice.  I only have one laptop and my kindle with me so I can't imagine how I would handle a computer breakdown.   Eventually I took out the battery and let it set for a few minutes and then it started up saying it had not been properly shut down.  Now I always shut down or let it go into sleep....   I am just so grateful that it is resolved.  Oh and my heart continued to beat.

So back on the road.  So I did find the winery.  But it is closed. What.... after all this effort.  I had taken a quick spin around the little town of Prosser and had seen a little Wine and Gift shop so I decided to stop there and find out about the Winery.

Yes, in deed the winery had closed and a new Winery would be opening at that location in the fall.   Since I was there, I did my part to support the local economy and bought 2 bottles of wine for the upcoming Glamper weekend.  One I liked just because it was a sparkling Muscat the other was a new find,  Lip Service.  I will have to let you know about that one.  I also bought two acrylic wine glasses that of course match my decor...  I had a wonderful visit with the owner and learned how much the local wine business has been growing.  What a fun little stop.

Back on the road again.  Two of my kitties are adapting to riding in the car well.  Emmit on the other had hates it.
Meow, Meow, Meow,  Did you hear me, I said Meoooow!
Stop that Emmit, Dammit Emmit, I said stop that.
Pack your duds, Emmit you're going to the pound!
Finally, I just turned up the radio.
Meow, Meow, Meow, Did you hear me, I said Meoooow!!

A quick stop at the nearest Petco.  They sell some pheromones that are suppose to calm anxious kitties.  A couple of kitty toys and we are on our way again.

Meowing continues.

I stop for lunch. Another stop at a trailer supply store for light covers.  And a final stop at Home Depot for a couple things I need for more projects.

We are on the road again...

Meowing continues.

I am determined to get down the road ....

I glance out the side mirrors and see the curtains coming out the side windows flapping in the wind.  I stop and tighten a screw on the window handle and off we go AGAIN.  Fifteen minutes later they are flapping in the breeze again.  I get out a girls best friend.  Duct tape and give it a shot. I am beginning to feel like The Beverly Hill Billy's going down the road.  Just need to mount my rocking cair on the roof for the full visual effect.
Nope the tape comes right off in the wind..... and did I mention the wind.

It is blowing a mere, 50 mile hour head winds.  I can virtually hear the gas suck through the engine.

Oh, you might be interested in where we are.
We are traveling through some mighty beautiful country.  The Columbia River Gorge.  It is a huge canyon cut by the Columbia River. My pictures cannot due justice to the panoramic views.  Something that you must just see in person.

The tall cliffs leave only room for the highway and a railroad track on each side.  Basalt columns and rock are evidence left behind of the active volcanic activity in the area. Along the way are a number of dams that create lakes behind them where the dam holds back the water.

After you reach the Dalles the Gorge widens and more trees and vegetation are growing along the shores.  While there is often wind in the Gorge, today's strong winds produced 2 - 3 foot swells on the water.

We finally reached our destination ,Memaloose State Park, along the banks of the Columbia River between The Dalles and Hood River.  Wow, and 4 G internet service!!

These are our back porch views


Yes, we had a start and stop kind of day.  But I certainly wouldn't trade it.  The freedom to do what I want to do is something I can't wrap my head around.

So I'm off again to figure out what I will l do today.

But before that can happen it's time for COFFEE!!

       .....HAPPY TRAILS.....


  1. Would a crate help the meowing or just make is worse?

    1. They ride in crates in the truck. I just can't trust them when the door opens. I haven't tried it out of the crates but I can only imagine what chaos might happen. Maybe not but I'm sure they would be plotting escapes!

  2. My cat meowed a lot for the first couple of trips, then finally just hid under a pile of blankets while I was driving. Is the "Glamping" a group that you joined?

    1. I belong to several on-line groups for vintage trailer owners. There is a term that people use to describe people mostly women who glamor camp. Lots of hilarity and theme decorating. Around the world events or rallies are held just for fun. This event is held every year on this weekend. The gals that come here belong to a couple of the on-line groups that I belong to. One of the groups is the Loyal Order of the Glampers and the other is Rollin’ Oldies Vintage Trailers.

  3. I'm not a big fan of doing things right the first time. Especially not getting somewhere.

    1. Just never seems to work out the easy way!!

  4. Love the post. Made me laugh out loud. I know you didn't think it was so funny.....meow, stop, fix, meow, stop......
    BUT Columbia River Gorge is a place I've always wanted to go. Lucky you!! And what great views from your back porch. Keep on enjoying the ride. Maybe without the kitty noises though. Blankets over the cages???

  5. next time you order from your trusty Amazon, throw in a bottle of Rescue Remedy. It is an herbal (actually flowers I think) that is a tranquilizer for pets, as well as humans. I have used it with a dog that had seizures (worked for a couple of years) and storm anxiety ( probably similar to kitty's issue) Wonderful stuff.

    Where are you getting mail????? You have never said!

  6. Even thought I stopped my decision process for a couple of months, I still read your blog daily and happy to see you get everything finished to get on the rode. You didn't quit and I did....congratulations!!!

    I reopened my blog but didn't want to pay GoDaddy $80 for a redemption fee to get my domain reactivated so its:

    great picture of places you have been staying.

  7. Yes the freedom to come and go when and where we wish. I love the freedom.