Monday, May 27, 2013

Wedding Crasher on Red Lake

I started out the day with a little house cleaning.
I believe I have discovered an ancient truth.
Small cleans up fast!! 
I did some top to bottom, side to side cleaning, dishes, and the floors included.  Since I do admit to a desire for things to be perfect...... small does make it a bit more manageable.
After about 30 minutes I was done and ready for some fun.  

I headed out to Red Lake, minding my own business and ready to set out on my maiden voyage in my brand new kayak.  I have had a kayak for 5 years but was no longer able to handle it's large size or weight.  I also had no need for a double kayak as the kitties protest loudly at the mere thought of a cruise with them on water.

When I arrived at the Public Day Use Area on Red Lake I found this sign greeting me.

It seems I was invited to a wedding.

I proceeded to inflate my kayak without reading the directions.  Remember I am direction impaired and figured if it didn’t go together logically.  It probably wouldn’t go together.

My kayak is made by Advanced Elements and is Here is a link for more information.

It weighs 37 lbs and has a handy handle so it is much easier for me to handle.  I opted
for a hand air inflater as sometimes I may not be by the car to inflate and the inflator seemed easy to use when the salesperson in REI demonstrated inflating it for me before I bought it.  It was a little more difficult for me with my back problems than I had hoped.  Hopefully it will be easier when I know what I am doing...  (Lord, only knows how long that will take!!)

Actually it only took about 10 minutes to inflate.... the first time.  I went out on the water to discover that one of the baffles was not fully inflated... also forgot to put the seat in.  Details....Details, I am confounded by the details.

Back to shore I went.  Problems solved.... back out on the water.  I choose Red Lake to launch on as it was small, Not effected by any wind as it is sheltered by tall banks and trees.  Plus my exploring spirit wanted to see the other end and it seemed manageable.

Here is my kayak ready to go.

It is an inflatable but still looks like and handles like a hard shell kayak.  It is made by Advanced Elements .  I’m not sure how well it will track in rough or windy water but I’m pretty much a fair weather kayaker.  It does sit down into the water like rigid side kayaks so I expect that it will handle better than most inflatables.

I will be looking into a different seat that provides better back support.  Other than that I am pretty pleased with how it handled.

It has gear storage on the front and behind the seat and a really awesome feature is the top deck can be zipped open in calm water to provide ventilation when it is really hot or to get my really long legs out after being cramped inside.  (Sigh, yet another sign or advancing age!)
I just read the directions which states NOT to unzip the top when on the water.
Yep, I will be unzipping with caution.

 I found a beaver dam. I also noticed beaver damage on nearby trees but no beaver to be seen today.

A nearby memorial, burial spot or point of inspiration.  No sign to indicate its purpose.  It leaves only questions in my mind.  Everything has a story and I’m always wanting to know the back story.

After a quick trip to the end of the lake the wedding gather was beginning to assemble.  The bride was dressed in a long purple gown and carried lilacs.

Can you believe it, they were annoyed by a lone kayaker on the lake.  Rather narrow minded of them to want me out of their pictures.  I say if you don’t want looky loos watching, hold your  private moments in a private place not a public day use area. 

Actually, a few pictures and I was on my way.  Sorry, all I was able to get in the photo's were their backs.  Can you imagine they wanted the lake in the backround!

I must say though it was a beautiful place for a wedding and a gorgeous day in May!

After my kayak adventure I headed to the nearest store for ice and snacks.  When I arrived I saw someone unloading a pickup truck of household furniture and clothing items at a donation station for a Non Profit agency.   When I came out of the store not 10 minutes later another party was loading all of the items into his car.  Not one or two items.....ALL of the items. 

Consider carefully the agency you wish to contribute to.  Obviously an unmanned contribution box may not be providing charity to the ones you intended.
I considered a picture for a moment but in our unpredictable world I might have been met with an angry party.  Certainly, not worth the risk.

So that folks was my day.... 
This wedding crasher signing off.
Hope you had a good one!

......  Happy Trails .....


  1. Looks like a great paddle. What a crasher you are. So glad to see you having fun.

  2. I haven't been too excited about inflatables, but this one looks pretty nice! glad you got what you wanted. Our Swift Adirondacks are 32 pounds and are 12.5 feet long and track wonderfully. We bought them for the same reason you bought the inflatable. Weight!!

  3. Glad to see you having some water fun!!

  4. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful day.
    If they didn't want anyone to crash they should have had signs pointing the way.

  5. That does look like a nice kayak. The beaver dam was interesting, fun to see something like that. Looks like a nice day!

  6. I have a Perception Tribute (12 foot) that I carry on top of my RV. I'm with you on the "gentle water." Looks like you had a nice "float!"