Saturday, May 4, 2013

And the Plot Thickens

This was the week to get some last minute jobs done before the house closing.  The new owners house (previously referred to as my home) needed to have the septic tank pumped before the closing and certified as fully operational... Oh Oh.... more red tape coming I fear!!

So when he arrived and dug the cap up the first words out of his mouth were....

'That's not good'.... Me  "Whats not good?" 

It seems the tank was not full to the standard functional operational line. More Oh Oh's for which I didn't respond.  But simply  "just fix it."  More digging revealed the seam was leaking and the pipe that moves the liquid from the tank to the drain field was broken. 

I won't go into the whole stinky story of the repairs.... let's just leave it at you, couldn't pay me enough to do his job!  

Today they returned to fix the mess.  I have been without water facilities for 4 days.  But its been good for me to practice water conservation and usage for RV Life. 
How is that for making lemonade out of lemons?
I did get my blog on making my shower of my trailer finished!!

Long story shortened to stinky ending...... It's fixed,
I'm $1,000 poored.....


On to the next saga..... Closing Anyone????


  1. Doesn't it make you feel good about becoming an ex-homeowner in the future? I know it did me! Hope the rest of the process is smooth and sweet-smelling!

  2. Just look at it as one more obstacle out of the way. Repeat after me: Closing will go smoothly, closing will go smoothly....

  3. Those septic systems can be costly. I once owned a piece of property with one. I had a tenant who drove a very large town truck. He parked it in the yard and crush the entire drainage system. Yep it cost me plenty to replace the thing.
    But like the others its just another job done to make the closing that much better.

  4. I had an offer on my place, but left enough in the price to take care of issues like that. They walked away. Better that than me needing to come up with $1k out of thin air. Your post just reinforced for me that I did the right thing not going down 'to the bone' on the counter offer. Here is one more thing you can relish not needing to worry about again once the house is sold.

  5. Oh heavens. This has to be the last thing. I just know it. The closing is going to go very smoothly and then no more home ownership costs!! Wonder how long the septic has been leaking? Is the grass around it VERY green and healthy? LOL

  6. Well that must be it! Now everything can move along smoothly. My fingers are crossed for ya'.

  7. Hope that is the last little hitch.