Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Life

Just as I was presented with more problems with the closing, (the septic mess) it resolved itself.  The new owner who had a vested interest in it being done right are splitting the cost of the repairs with the realtor and me.  We are proceeding with closing.  The selected day will be Tuesday for the walk through and paper signing.

Fingers crossed and calling on good energy from the Universe.

The last of the furniture indoor and out  was sold on Craigs list today.  Today the horse trailer also sold.  they got a good deal and I am free of all the extra stuff and the worry about what to do with it.  YEA!!  I moved out into the trailer a about a week ago as it just didn't seem like my home any longer.  I have been making improvement to the trailer (that will have to wait for another post..... I have cleaning to do!!

Certainly all of the furniture made it home.  All that remains is an empty shell and the memories.

I'll be taking all the memories with me.

I did get a gift from the universe today.  Remember the picture of the nest with 4 little eggs.  (But the way the birds are Rosy House Wrens)  I was concerned that the eggs might not hatch as the mother was off the nest most of the day last Saturday as the Septic tank men did their work.  Today I watched and she was still going back and forth to the nest so I decided to check on progress.

They hatched and they are already getting their baby fuzz.  I won't be here to see them fly but we will all be starting a new exciting life....


  1. So nice to hear that all is working out. It won't be long now.

    Colleen Phipps (longdog2)
    Traveling with The Longdogs

  2. What a great post. Everything is going right. Now that is very fine.

  3. I love this post and will be praying that every thing will go as smooth as clockwork.

  4. You have done a great job. All loose ends are gone and leaving you free to go after the closing. Can't wait to read all about the moving on down the road.

  5. Hurray!! You are near the end of the tunnel!!

  6. Good deal on the septic solution! I'm commenting on Tuesday after 4 pm, so I hope the walk-through and signing all went well. Selling and/or buying a home can be such a pain, but is also soooo exciting! I'm glad your experience is ending well.

    Can't wait to see the RV photos! :)