Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Yesterday was the big day.  Finally the signing of the house sale papers.  Everything went without a hitch.  I am sooooooo close to the finish line. 

I made my last trip to the dump.... As I waited in line for my turn, a song played on the radio.  The chorus summed it up perfectly.  The name of the song is DONE by Band Perry.  During the chorus belts out "All I want to do is be done."   Forget the smallzy ending.... the tearfull goodbyes maybe I'm just to tired to feel anything but relief.  Could I must be past all that.  "All I want to do is be done."

If you want to watch a rendition of the song here is a link....

 The house is clean and empty.  The garage still has the 'essentials' for our travels.  I have all day to hone and cull and then weigh in the trailer and truck before departure.  
After I am satisfied with the finished product, I will go back to the dump station one last time for a final weigh in to see if I need to cull more treasures before we pull out of here.  I have all day to finish up and move down the road a bit.  I am so exhausted that I will spend a few days at a nearby campground to rest, breathe, PLAY, and finish up final paperwork, get a drivers license change of address post office change of address and all the insurance changes.  I have all the time I need and I definitely will take time to enjoy the ride.

The one of my realtors (a husband wife team) brought a trailer to the house so I will be able to throw away anything else I find without taking another trip to the dump.  They will also leave the trailer for the new owners so if there is anything left they will easily be able to dispose of it.  My realtors have gone above and beyond anything I could expected for a realtor to have provided.  I highly recommend  their services and count them as friends. (I should add that I have known Ron since childhood and they have certainly proved the old adage of not mixing business and pleasure to be wrong in their case.  They were very profession when doing business and the whole process served the best possible outcomes.

My house was only on the market for three weeks.  In these uncertain times I count myself as very fortunate. 

It was an incredible amount of work but a new way of life is now before me.

I'm off to finish packing....   

I have always thought in bumper stickers. 

They stimulate me.  They motivate me.  Sometimes they comfort or encourage me. 

Here is my bumper sticker for the day/thought for the day.

You have a wonderful day and Happy Trails......



  1. You must be feeling ecstatic! Happy travels.

  2. Congratulations! Let the adventures begin!

  3. Congratulations. You are truly fortunate with only 3 weeks on the marketplace.

  4. I love both of your two stickers. Where do you find these things? They are always so perfect. You have such a good handle on what's going on at the moment in your life.

    I love reading how everything is falling right into place for you. The perfect realtors. Sale in 3 weeks. Easy peasy closing. Those things show you are clearly on the right path. I am SO happy for you!!

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  6. I must be tired...too many typos...sheesh! Here goes again....
    Hurrah! I'm so happy everything has turned out so well. You've earned some rest and time to regroup after a long slog.

  7. YAHOO, HORAAAA and all that good stuff. I bet you are exhausted. You have a good plan staying in an RV Park for a few days to catch your breath.

  8. YOU DID IT! Remember when we first started talking, you really just had a dream, and now the time is here. You flew through preparations like you knew what you were doing! You problem solved, plugged along through all the storms and when you got down about something, picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and kept on going. I am so incredibly in awe of your skill, grace, and persistence. I hope we can get together someday soon! Love you girl for all you've done to help me and all you've accomplished. You should be so proud of yourself. <3

  9. I can't believe that is is real, that it is happening to me. It all seems like a dream, someone else's dream that I am able to observe. Thanks to each of you for your well wishes