Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eastward Bound

A pack-up day brings me to the realization that no matter how long I stay on the coast there is always more that I want to see. Special friends who made me feel welcome, adventures left to experience left to knowing I will always find my way back.

I feel the pull to return to Spokane, to roots and family.... So off I'll go!

Before leaving, I stop at a little trailer park near Long Beach,  The Sou'wester RV Park.   They have vintage trailers that are available to rent and are parked within a walking distance to the beach.  This of course is right up my alley.  They also have an RV Park that provides full hook ups .

When ever I find one of they gems, I stop for a visit.  This one is well known in the local Vintage RV community and in fact will be hosting a rally later in the season.

This Air Flyte arrived the day that I visited.
  It will be the Crown Gem of their trailers.

It is certainly is a 'to die for' trailer in my book and it is in near perfect condition.

Oh, I definitely could live in this trailer. 
But I wouldn't have time to experience all the great adventures. 
 Vintage trailer folks would want to talk, talk, talk. 
It certainly is a beaut!!

Not far from the Sou'Wester along the boardwalk on Long Beach is a whale skeleton
When whales or sharks are washed ashore they are often buried to control the smell and bugs.  This one was later uncovered for visitors to view. 

I of course have to include flower pictures.  Locals call these beautiful flowers...............WEEDS.  An invasive species.  I call them BEAUTIFUL!!  (But then I'm not trying to get other plants to grow in a garden)  It is found growing wild all over the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest.

Scotch Broom

So it's time to hit the road....

This time my trip through the Columbia Gorge is without wind.  I am much more able to relax and enjoy the views.  I travel the same path on the Oregon side until The Dalles.

There I cross over to the other side of the Columbia River and finish my journey from the Washington Side.  It is amazing how much there is to see along the river on both sides.

There I find a World War 1 Memorial called Stonehenge.  It was built by a local area man, Samuel Hill on his private property as a tribute to local soldiers who died in the war. 

He had visited Stonehenge in England and built this monument duplicating the originals size and original form.  He was intrigued by the legend surrounding the alter in the center of the columns.  It was said the alter was used for human sacrifices to pacify pagan gods.

 Hill a pacifist and devote  Quaker visited the original Stonehenge in England during the War Conflict (1914-1918), and remarked " After all of our civilization, the flower of humanity is still being sacrificed to the God of War on the field of battle."  From this came the inspiration for this monument built on Mary Hill overlooking the mighty Columbia River.

An additional monument memorializes the war dead from other conflicts as well.

It is truly a moving experience with wide sweeping views of the Columbia.
A stunning place to contemplate the needless ravages of war.

 As it was late in the day, I decided not to visit the Maryhill Museum and will need to see it on another visit. I was so moved by the experience at Stonehenge, t when I returned to the highway,I  turned to the East missing my intended highway.  
There are generally more than one way to get to where you are going.
Soon I was rewarded for choosing this route by seeing tug boats moving cargo up and down the mighty river. On my previous trip, there were no boats on the river due to extreme high winds. I played peek a boo with the tugs as I came around each bend in the road finally finding a place to be able to get a picture.
Pleased with my discoveries, I continued down the highway towards the TriCities.  And look what I found falling from the sky...

Here is a pic of the cliffs near the river that he jumped from.  It was exciting to watch him soar back and forth during his flight.
Can you imagine his view?
My journey back to my roots has certainly demonstrated this travelers' slogan to be true
You never know what you will see around the next bend.....
~ Happy Trails ~

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Trip in Time to Oysterville, Washington

Yes, indeed there is a place called Oysterville.

 As a fan of oysters since childhood, I of course had to make a visit.  Traveling to far away places for me, is more than just seeing a new place.  It is experiencing it.  So of course oysterville includes oysters. 

Oysterville also includes a walking (or driving) tour of a tiny historic town that is still has historic buildings that are occupied today.  Each house or building sports a sign elling the history and date.

Here are some of the historic sights around Oysterville.
Historic School House

Historic Home

Historic Church still in use today

Wouldn't this be a lovely place for a wedding?

But Oysterville is really about the oysters.
A drawing showing oyster comparisons.

Pile of oyster shells

Picture from the internet showing harvesting
Barge out at oyster locations in the bay. 
What would a trip to Oysterville be without taking home oysters?

Oysters from Willapa Bay are considered some of the best in the World.
I panfried these in a flour,cracker crumb base and sprinkle with lemon pepper and our course lemon juice.
Yup, they were Yummy!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Homeless or Just an Unconventional Home?

In my last post I had a picture of someone coming out of the forest after a huge rain.

I assumed he was homeless.  I of course knew nothing about his circumstances.  However, my brain has remained stuck on these thoughts.  Of late I have also encountered people who make assumptions about my current living situation.  I wonder if traveling retired people in new motor homes or trailers encounter this same attitude.

Maybe I have encounter this because my vintage trailer is not 'new' and shiny.  Do folks just think I can't afford to get a newer trailer?  Again with the assumptions.  I personally like my little trailer and all it's cuteness.

I am frequently asked where I am from.  I have no trouble answering that question.  I definitely feel roots attached to where I grew up and raised my family.  The other question that I am asked is where I live.  At first, I answered no where.  But I realised that that was not the case.... I live everywhere my wheels on my little home take me.

As I travel I often see a setting or home I could picture myself living......

An old homestead with my trailer situated next to a shady tree....

A planned green condo community with a great view.....

A quaint little town immersed in history.
But I can well imagine after the nesting urge was satisfied I would feel the restlessness return and would need to move on to the next best place.

I have continued to look at newer or bigger trailers of different types and ages.  Whenever I find a bigger one that I like my first reaction is always to start wringing my hands.  I just don't feel comfortable to tow a bigger rig.  It always raises for me the question of comfort versus portability.

Some campgrounds or trailer parks will not allow trailers or motor homes older that 10 years old.  Since I'm not a great fan of this type of park I'm not greatly offended but I feel a definite  bias as they attempt to image control their environment.  I do have a choice about where I choose to stay and I would not want to stay where I am not welcome.    

We all have bias and often seek to put circumstances into a context that makes sense for us.  I do think it is up to us to confront the bias in our own lives and minds.  I'm not as interested in what others think about me as I was in my youth but I also find that some of these biases are rooted deep in my own subconscious governing what I think about my self.  Maybe what I think about myself is indeed the most critical judgement of all.

Have you encountered biases as you live your life on the road?
I would love to hear your experiences and perceptions!!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lordy, Its Time to Build an Ark!

It's been raining solid for 2 days and nights. On the news they say we have had 2 1/2 inches in 48 hours.   I'm at a campsite with hookups so my little electric heater is keeping me toasty, but my plans to hike up to a waterfall are postponed.  The weather folks are saying rain through tomorrow then a drying trend for the weekend with temps up in the 70's again!  It will take some time to dry out inches of rain in the forest so the hike may not be able to happen this trip.

Last Fall I used roofing seal tape on the seams and sealed the roof with an elastic sealer and we are completely dry in our little nest!  AWESOME!!   Kitties have been spending their time indoors as well as the kennel area does get some blown in rain.

 They are now busy napping the day away.

I'm really enjoying staying in one spot for longer than a few days. It feels more like a settled way of a life instead of an extended vacation.  So much nicer than the endless putting up and takin down all the stuff.  (Maybe time for rethinking the stuff issue again...) I love having outdoor space but packing up is a bummer!!

Due to the weather the campground is nearly deserted.  There is the camp host and one other camper in a small tent..... In a very small tent....

This morning on my morning walk around the campground during a break in the rain, I saw someone walking out of the forest covered in garbage bags.

He bothered noone and just kept going.  It looked like to me that he had camped deep in the forest and possibly walking out to find somewhere dry.  It was a sobering moment to realize that some people have so little.

I will tell you I am a stone toss away from the camp host and have my car alarm and cell phone handy in case of emergency.  There has been no trouble at all.

I am grateful for my little trailer, happy in my little nest and not finding myself restless at all.  OK, I'll be honest I prefer the sun and busy days.

Last night I was cleaning up in the trailer and decided to take the garbage to the can.  While at the garbage can, there were some big crashing noises in the forest near where I was along with the breaking of twigs or branches.  So here I am, standing in bear country with garbage in my hands. 

While the only wildlife I have seen is a deer on a daily basis I'm not fond of the idea of seeing a bear up close and personal.

Was I brave? 

Did I run like crazy?

You bet... I was back in my trailer in a flash!

I certainly know the thin walls of a trailer are not great protection, but I felt better just the same.

I finished cleaning Lolita and climbed in bed for a cozy evening.
Looking forward to warmer days    :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

It's going to rain most of the day today so it's a perfect time to finish up the trailer fun from the girls campout.  Glampers know how to have fun, rain or shine and we were lucky to have  great weather for an early season campout near the ocean.

Friday nite there was bunco for those wanted to play....

A couple of gals out for a little bunco fun!!

My facebook friend Diyo, arrived just before bunco so we were busy getting her settled in my tent before dark so we passed on bunco. 

The next morning was a breakfast buffet with all kinds of yummy food.  It's rare to see anyone pass on good food!  Lynne and Sarah did an awesome job putting the buffet together with pink flamingo's for decorations.  Perfect!!

Probably the highlight for me of any rally is the trailer open houses. It is so fun to see what people have done with their little play houses.  Some decorate in a chosen theme, some celebrate the vintage aspect and have a wonderful collection of era correct items while others may choose more modern or eclectic detail.  You never know what you will see. 

I showed a number of theme decorated trailers in my first post on the glamper event. This post will visit a wide variety of little and some not-so-little home away from homes.

I have never been at an event so many itty bitty trailers.  So it was awesome to get to view many tear drop trailers.    There owners made them selves right at home and enjoyed their little homes.

Flash to the 70's
This one is certainly bright and cheerful!


While not vintage, this one certainly has class!

Check out the rear end of this tear drop.....
imagine following her down the road!
Check out the cute little troll doll! 


These two big girls joined us.

There interiors have been remodeled with many modern features to get away homes the owners were very proud of.

After the tours, we had worked up an appetite and stop by for a specialty crepe at the crepe lady's.
It was wonderful!! 
Then a stop by Wineabeggo for a little wine tasting!

The gals put on a great swap meet but I did not partake... after all that downsizing I have NO intention of adding to my stash!!

The perfect ending to the perfect weekend was a dessert buffet.

Death by Chocolate!!
Our Hostesses with the Mostest!
Shirley and Michele
Great Job Gals!!
My last trailer photo at this years campout was of campground neighbor Carla
Here is her little cutie!

I followed this cutie pie home and spent an extra night visiting and resting up for further journeys.
But look who I also found..... Friend Diyo and her restoration in progress.
I can't wait to follow the progress as this gem becomes polished.
It was more girl-friend time to make
A perfect ending to a perfect weekend!!