Sunday, May 19, 2013

This is the Life

I can’t believe it.... can you? 
I am finally an RVer on the road.
I am in my third campground.   But the first two served their purpose.  They were close to town and I was able to run in and take some additional stuff in for storage and get additional supplies.since Wednesday.   Boy it is a lot of work to change sites.  I have not yet recovered from moving from my house.
NOW that is a lot of work that I NEVER want to repeat again. 
The first two campgrounds were mere pit stops on the way to heaven.
I have arrived in heaven. 

At first, I stayed at the closest campground to home that was in a natural setting, not that it mattered as I rarely got out of the trailer.  I was at Riverside State Park where I have camped before.   I was to busy arranging, and arranging some more, far to busy to enjoy the sights.  The first campground only had one night available so I took it and moved on to Nine Mile Falls Campground for the next 3 nites.  Not my kind of campground as the trailers were parked about 15 feet apart from one another but it was right on the water so I did enjoy the sights.  The trailers were so close I could hear my neighbor cough during the nite.  I had a friendly (?) Bald Eagle flying over head checking out my kitties in their outdoor cage.  Kitties were safe, the eagle frustrated.  He finally flew to a nearby tree and just watched them trying to figure it all out.  

Yesterday, I went and pick up Auntie and we spent the day together.   Later in the afternoon, we went on a drive in search of a perfect camp site.  We found it!!!  More on it later.

I brought her out to the Nine Mile Camp site which was only about 7 miles from her home. She had been there before so we both told stories of our times there.  I fixed a dinner of Teriyaki  pork and broccoli with rice in my thermal cooker.  She brought a oriental cold slaw which made a perfect meal. 

This morning I prepared for another move to my perfect camping spot.  It takes most of a day to prepare to move, move and then set up.  I should sleep well tonight! There are only 11 camping sites so it is quiet and very primitive although it has everything that I want and need. I had planned on staying here until Wednesday, but I love it so much, they may have to evict me kicking and screaming when the new campers arrive.  I will decide later, how long I will stay, but I hope I can stay longer than Wednesday.  This is a perfect place to get caught up on my rest.

I have yet to find the cable for my camera to download pics to the blog so I’ll have to wait to download any pics for the blog.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll make some progress on that front.  So in the mean time I will try to describe just with words my new home site.

It sits on a large bluff overlooking a deep cut canyon with sides that are heavily wooded all the way down to the waters edge.   My side of the bluff is covered with grass that is green in places and dotted with pine trees.   A deep river/lake runs between the canyon that is my back porch view.  I can only see 2 camp sites and they probably are  shouting distance apart one on each side.  There is a little paved road that leads down a steep hill to a day area where there is a boat launch and picnic area.  Fisherman are fishing from the shore and catching fish!!  The only sounds I hear are birds singing.  Hummingbirds are also darting about in search of nectar. 
It is truly heaven hear.

My kitties were very annoyed with me that I moved again and have been catching up on cat naps since I arrived.  They were very glad to get into their little home.  I had originally planned on staying till Wednesday but I may stay longer.  They may have to evict me kicking and screaming when the next reservations campers arrive.  No TV, internet and phone is iffy at best. But it is truly heavenly here.  It was sprinkling of rain. while I fixed my dinner tonight so the air smells fresh and there is a slight chill to the evening air.  It is dusk now so night is near and I am soaking up every moment of bliss.

I will work on taking some pictures and finding a way to download them tomorrow. 

This is the life. 


  1. I am SO happy for you. This sounds like a great place but I promise the country is brimming over with them. And now you can go anywhere you want!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. Woo hoo! Happy trails. You will get better at packing up and moving. After I sold my house, I stopped at a campground, just for the night, and stayed 4 days. Enjoy.

  3. Welcome to The Life! It will take a while to catch up on your rest and to get a moving routine down that is a bit shorter than all day, but you've got all the time in the world! Enjoy! You've accomplished so much! Well done!

  4. Agree with the others that the packing and moving will get easier once you develop your own routine. :)

    Sounds wonderful!! Enjoy!

  5. It was so nice meeting you! Best of luck on your travels and we look forward to reading more of your posts. :) - Daisey & Britt

  6. Yeaaaaa! You made it - don't you just love the freedom, the wonderful views? I can't wait to hear more as you travel along, and photos, too. Congratulations!

  7. Woohoo! So glad you are enjoying yourself and getting a bit of rest. You do sound like you have found peace.

  8. Sounds wonderful. We actually like camping in Riverside SP when we are visiting relatives in Spokane, it is so convenient. So happy for you, and looking forward to following your travels.