Thursday, May 2, 2013

Taming the Tangled Cord Nightmare

Your mission today if you should accept it, is to take control of your power cord adapters.

 The bottom drawer of my filing cabinet in the house became home for a tangled mess of power cords and adapters.

Over time I forgot exactly what each cord powered.In many cases, the electronics have gone on to an after life, leaving me with the mess and uncertainty as to what life form its remains supported.
I have always been reluctant to part with these cords because the one I throw away will be the ONLY one of the bunch that I really needed.

Since I am in the process of downsizing (read.... eliminating) all that I don't need and organizing it into a usable fashion, I have decided to tackle this monster and tame it!!

I first action is to identify it's parents and since electronic DNA tests don't exist I am doing my best to match cords to their USEABLE electronics.

Step One     The trick here was to lay out all the electronics that I think I need and pair them with the cord that powers the little sucker. (No this is not all of my electronics or cords.... I certainly did not want to overwhelm you during step one!)


 I will not get overwhelmed....
                                  I will finish this task.....
                                                               I will conquer the cords!

Step Two     Label  each part of the cord

Step Three     Bind the cord into a manageable size with velcro straps or an elastic band.  (Hair bands make an inexpensive solution.)

Step Four     Deposit unmatcheded cords in the nearest trash receptacle.

Step Five     Escort surviving matched and labeled cords to there new home

Step Six     For non believers, purchase a handy dandy  universal adapter from our Dear Friend Amazon or a nearby electronics store. (Throw away all power cords at your own risk.... Murphy's Law will prevail and you most certainly will need at least one of the rejected cords.)  If you don't already have solar, there are solar models available. This model uses already stored power from your laptop.  You will of course have to provide power to your laptop from time to time.

Step Seven     Stand guard at the new home of the electronic cords.  They will attempt to interbreed and the tangled mess WILL return. 

Bravo: Mission Accomplished!!

  OMG -  Now 12 volt adapters have taken over my world!!

Departure Date 11 Days


  1. Its amazing how many of these things seem to grow. And then there are others like from old printers old everything.
    But if you notice most electronics are now all the same size. What a wonderful thing this is.

  2. if you haven't thrown them away yet, take them to thrift store- that is the first place I look when I need a cord!

  3. Keys work exactly the same way, they breed.