Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Beautiful Spring Day

Waking up in beautiful Memaloose  campground with a river side view of the Columbia River was only the beginning of a spectacular day.  This was definitely a wonderful spot to savor morning coffee.

After a spot of liquid energy, I loaded up which didn't take long as I had done a pit stop landing last night and only removed from the trailer what was necessary to sleep and eat for the night.   It made for a quick exit in the morning.  Although I had difficulty tearing myself away from the spectacular view.

Thee were two view points above the campground on a little road so off I went to soak in more of the view before moving on down the road. 

 I was not prepared for the splendor of the wildflower meadows. 

At first the subtlety of the wildflowers is lost in the immense landscape,

 but I was drawn in to the landscape where,

  one by one the flowers
 revealed themselves to me.

 a spectacular array of  colors

Each direction, appeared a new flower 

A rainbow set before my hungry eyes

Bachelor buttons evoked memories of picking wildflowers with my grandmother as a child.

Like a drunken sailor, I moved on down the road to sights that awaited me.

On to waterfalls!

Oregon has many, many waterfalls. No trip to the Oregon Columbia Gorge Area should be complete with viewing waterfalls.  I choose a scenic drive just off the Columbia Gorge Highway that I knew would allow waterfall viewing with a minimum of walking.  My spirit is willing, my hip not so much. 

While only a few miles before the landscape basalt and  desert scrub.  It now has evolved into a spectacular green carpet of moss and covered by a lovely canopy of of trees.
Horsetail Falls Overlook

The Mist from the waterfall fell like soft rain.

What a wonderful day!

Next it was on to my new camp site and begin the set up for a fabulous Glamping (Glamorous Camping) Weekend 

.....Happy Trails.....



  1. Spiffy looking cane you've got there. My mother had a similar one that she got in Mexico.

  2. love, Love, LOVE Oregon - I'll be there later this summer! Great photos! :-)

  3. Sorry about your hip...I'm sure you would have loved hiking up to the top. You are off to a great start!!! Enjoy every "rainbow."
    Box Canyon Mark

  4. What splendid beauty. Soak it all in and breath it in too.
    Hope you hip recovers soon.