Thursday, April 3, 2014

Utah or Bust!!!

Our Bags Are Packed... We're Ready to go!!

We're leaving on a jet plane.....

NO WAIT... I'm driving!

amy rice

Tomorrow is the day.... My granddaughter gets out of school after a half day at school and we're off.  All my bags are packed I'm ready to go  Sixteen days is way to short of time but it's what we have so I ready and anxious to go.  No set agenda, no reservations, we're just heading out to my promised land.... Utah.   I may not be able to travel for the amount of time that I would like but I will be able choose to ramble along the way as slow and fast as I choose.

 The trailer is packed,  and ready to roll.....
Always At Home Wherever We Roam Camping CAMPER RV Travel Trailer SIGN Funny 8 x 5 Recreational Vehicle Plaque. $5.95, via Etsy.

Lolita is sporting, new safety chains, brand new marker lights all around and a brand new door handle.   With the bigger truck more of the weight is loaded in the truck and the trailer will be much more accessible for little stops and lunches along the way.


The day began with more pre-trip drama, this time with the truck.  It went into the shop yesterday to check on the suspension as the folks noticed some problems with the suspension when I got the oil changed.  The truck is covered under warranty so I wasn't sweating the small stuff.   Easy peasy, in and out job.  RIGHT! Due to the cost the warranty adjuster had to see it for himself and write a report and have his supervisor sign off on the repairs.  Thirty six hours later  we finally here his report.

In his humble opinion,  the front end is within the factory specs the service manager did what he could for today and will continue to pursue the front end issues when we return.  What I did today was stress

Would we be able to leave as planned...
                     Would the truck be ready....
                                           Would it be safe....

Yep, We are going.   
My Favorite Thing is...

My benchmarks maps are studied and they are packed.....

Enjoy the Ride
Tomorrow I have a few thing to finish up before we take off.   Pack the ice chests....pick up cookies.  I love to snack  while I drive.
 I don't know how far we will go, 

but we will just go.


I am singing a little tune ....... So what is your favorite road trip song?

~ Happy Trails ~


  1. "On the road again". Have fun and safe travels.

  2. Shoot! I scrolled up & couldn't enter more comment. I hate when that happens. I don't think we have one. Have a SUPER DUPER trip! This will be one of the memory books! Happy trails!

  3. Yeah, and they're OFF! Have a wonderful time - can't wait for more posts from the road. :)

  4. When we go South we sing: "On the Road again!" , and when we are heading North it is: "North, to Alaska!" , but we stop in New Brunswick for the summer. :))
    Have a safe trip!

  5. Your headed for Utah and Monday after Conference I'm headed for Arizona for a few weeks in my Casita. I'm leaving you some great weather for the next week. Have a safe drive and enjoy the tulips when you get here.

  6. What fun, but better yet what great memories you will make for your granddaughter. Have a blast!

  7. On the road again! I think it is great your granddaughter is heading out with you. I know you'll have a great time. Be careful where you camp in Utah. Several years ago we found a great spot.... we thought. During the night a storm came up and in no time at all the area was flooding. We were fine, but it was scary how fast a beautiful sunny day turned crazy.

  8. The joy in your voice is infectious. I hope your gdaught knows how lucky she is to be sharing your dream. Safe and wonderful travels to you all.

  9. So glad you can still make the trip. GADS! Of course enjoy and always be safe.
    Happy Trails!

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  11. I have a whole playlist devoted to my traveling songs but if I had to choose, it would be Don't Stop Me Now by Queen, followed quickly by Willie Nelson's On the Road Again. They're probably me faves!

    Have fun! Maybe I'll see you on the road somewhere!