Monday, April 14, 2014

The Pre-Dawn Stirrings of a Wondering Soul

What IS it that stirs a soul, creating a restlessness that must be answered.   The answer to a calling from deep within that challenges one to transform every detail of ones life and existence to meander an uncharted path.  The metamorphosis to a life as a nomad demands a change of course.

This restless path may be conceived with intention after long deliberation.
               Or it may come to pass as a result of a life altering event. 

Or, a quiet evolution stemming from having lived a life fulfilling the expectations of others or the internal ramblings of a life script full of should or ought too living.

Circumstances may require a long disbursement of a lifetime of amassed belongings  of ordered living.  A painful yet liberating experience.
Or it may come about as catastrophic physical or emotional event so profound it strips away all material possessions in seconds, demanding a complete alteration of living. 

Vagabond living may require a habitat transformation.  The defining of the dwelling may in its self require contemplation and  continual revision.  There is no requirement to get it right the first time. Small to monster-sized it needs to meet the needs and desires of the inhabitants.

A gypsy life requires relationships to adjust as a sail in wind, for with change comes a new way of relating to family and friends..For as surely as morning comes, change will follow.
For some, it may be all or nothing
Others may be able to live life in both worlds,with a stationery home and a home on wheels.

A constant balance of Risk versus Security

To embrace a gypsy life demands change
 or to abandon the beckoning. 

Morning, a time for momentary reflection.... 


Yonder is calling.....I must go


  1. Wonderings of wandering. Love the photos and your words. Early morning are my favorite. By the way, how do you like your portable solar panel?

  2. Beautifully written, what great photos!


  3. Like your reflections. Having similar thoughts myself. What is secure - a home? I am not so sure. There are risks involved with a home as well, they are just different. Maybe more "common or familiar ones"? Nothing is without risk.
    I agree definitely to: "..change will follow." That's one law of nature: nothing is stable, everything is in a perpetual mode of transformation. We just like to think that there is stability. But there is none.
    What is needed is flexibility and not loosing the ability to adapt. You seem to have both.
    Gorgeous photos - those colors!

  4. Beautiful post. Love your words and photos.

  5. Wonderful words and photos from our favorite part of the country.

  6. Your post today has nit me head on like a collision ... thank you. If you have noticed, I resigned last Friday with my last day of work on April 25. Checking on buy a trailer this week and towing it with my pickup truck, instead of the Class C route. Great pictures .... Great message

  7. Breath taking views how beautiful.