Saturday, March 29, 2014

And There Was Light!

The last post reported progress in Lolita's getting ready for the road trip.  At long last I can report that all lights are properly working.

I last left you with the interior lights taken apart looking for a simple fix.  This of course was not to be.  Step two was to check voltage from each light as it looped through the trailer as we looked for a short.  The short was between light three and four out of seven. The loop of lights snakes through the ceiling and walls and would not allow a new wire to be threaded threw so it required some creative decorating to cover where the wire needed to travel on an interior wall. It is now barely visible and I'm sure that no one will ever notice that it is there.  It is now safe and all lights are working.
I call that a big win!!


Ever notice how no matter how hard you look for lost items, they are always located in the last place you look?

The phone showed up, having dropped out of my pocket and slipping to a hiding spot near my sweater.  It is not that I talk that often on the phone but it is necessary on the road for safety.  Certainly glad that a new phone is not necessary.  I hope to milk every bit of life out of that phone.

My granddaughter is one social butterfly and I am her driver.

A drop off here.... a pick up there, keeps one teenager happy as a clam.  She managed a no-sleep slumber party, bowling with a friend and some mall therapy before I pooped out.  In between drop offs and deliveries, I did some spiffing up in the trailer and changing locations of some of the interior space to accommodate the addition of my partner in travel.   When traveling solo I used the upper bunk for storage.  It makes sense to have Hailey sleep in the upper bunk so that either one of us can lay in our own bed or still have the couch available for sitting if we want.   (She is super agile and doesn't require multiple trips to the bathroom at night so she is elected to occupy the upper bunk.)  The extra bedding and pillow will still travel on the upper bunk while going down the road.  In most small vintage trailers there is also a dinette.  Lolita has a dinette but it is set up permanently as my bed.  Generally we eat outside but in poor weather we can eat on the couch with TV trays.    The two beds will be always set up so it will require less set up and take down time.  That sounds like a winner of an idea to me.  Crawl out of bed, arrange the pillows and we will be good to go.  In any event, if we aren't happy with this arrangement we will be able to change it back but I think this arrangement should work pretty well.  We will give this set up a try and see how it goes.

Six days till blast off!


  1. Been sitting on pins and needles to hear if you got it fixed. So happy all is go again including finding your phone. You have a good set up in Lolita and I know this adventure will be the best yet.

  2. Yeah for lights! And of course the phone was in the last place you looked - once you find it, you stop looking! :) I'm glad you found it, though, one less thing to worry about.