Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Moab and on to Arches National Park

We pulled into Moab before dark.... and we weren't disappointed.

Arriving at our new home


Sunsets in the wide open spaces cause me to take slow down and wonder at the majesty of the universe.

 Nowhere are the skies bigger than the southwest.

Arches National Park was our destination for the first day.   We arrived early and I was so excited I almost forgot my senior citizen pass and payed the $10 entrance fee.  I remembered my card and the attendant graciously refunded the fee.   No matter how my words I try to string together, they fail to describe the grandeur and majesty of the rock formations.  Words and even pictures can't do justice to the experiences and sensations of witnessing the beauty that was revealed before us.
The Gossips

As a child I laid on my front yard watching the cloud formations sail by and would imagine the shapes to be animals and princes and princesses who played out a full imagination of lives as they sailed by.  Here in Utah my imagination is again sparked but this time by the royal crew who live their lives in massive stone.   

The balancing rock is very large although it doesn't appear that large in the pic... It obviously needed Hailey's help in staying balanced.

Double Arch

As a parent I often was awed at the wonder that a toddler experiences when discovering something new for the first time.  I have been experiencing that same joy and wonder as the car winds around yet another bend in the road and a new sight is revealed.

The La Sal Mountains.

There is so much to see and do in this part of Utah that 
I feel like a kid in a candy store.... I can't decide what to see or do next. 

Each day I wake up excited to discover what we will experience.  The wonder of it all is overwhelming.   I can't imagine what tomorrow will bring.


  1. What gorgeous country--so glad you're there to experience all of it with your granddaughter! You're very wise to spend your time in this concentrated area--there is SO much to see! Safe travels--have fun!

  2. Your photos and descriptions are enticing! I'm going to keep these in my memory for a future trip that I hope to make. Continue your good times!

  3. Gorgeous photos. I'll definitely add this to the bucket list.

  4. Oh how I wish I was caravaning along with you girls! It is breathtakingly beautiful! So glad you got to get out on the road, even if just for a little while!

  5. Fantastic I really must get there soon. But I am loving reading and seeing these post from you