Friday, April 18, 2014

Not Every Arch leads to McDonalds

No.... we were not going to McDonald's.  We were excited to finally make it to Arches National Park.  Of course we have to hit the highlights... because of course they may not be standing the next time one decides to visit.  We visited lots of arches....

There are big arches, little arches, and arches rarely seen by hikers as they are so remote. We saw many during our time here and these were some of our favorites.

Mesa Arch

Landscape Arch
 One of the most vulnerable arches of falling is Landscape arch...  In 1999 hikers were  picnicking under the arch when they heard a rumble and the earth shook as part of the arch on the right side tumbled to the ground..  They narrowly escaped.  As a result the area under the arch is now closed.

On one of the most popular hikes we had plenty of company.... and encouragement to make the 3.3 hike to the awe inspiring Delicate Arch.  I refused to allow myself to get discouraged along the way though at times it was difficult.  It's not so much that there is a large gain in elevation.... it's that you go up and down the elevation gain several times.

Just when you think you have arrived.... you go around another bend and see yet another



We climbed those rocks.....

Only to discover the ants found us too.... we were not alone.

We had faced down the enemy of heat and fatigue... 

(Though I can't imagine hiking in this beautiful place during the heat of summer.)
           We feel incredibly lucky to be here during the 75 degree weather of Spring)

To claim our prize.... we had arrived at the Delicate Arch.  It was well worth the effort.  I will never regret the climb and it will be a memory that we will always cherish.

See Delicate arch through the window of another arch.

Delicate ArchI

If I had to choose Delicate Arch was probably my favorite.... but then why should one have to  choose,  I say enjoy the spectacular beauty of each one!!



  1. OH MY! how exciting to be able to climb all that way and see all those Arches.

    keep the pictures coming I'm waiting for more

  2. Iconic photos--can't wait to see them for ourselves!

  3. Great photos ... post as many as you want.