Saturday, April 26, 2014

Living on the Edge

Sometimes you have the opportunity to visit a magical place when all the cosmic energy seems to be beaming down on place.  It would seem that was the case as we pulled into Goosenecks State Park in Utah.  After being on the road for some time I find myself not checking in on the news of the world and just being content to be present in the moment.  It is one of the glorious things of being on the road.

The place was positively glowing as the sun moved into the western sky.  The nearby hills were afire with red awaiting sunset when all the special effects would take place.  The cloudless sky led to a less than spectacular sunset but we were left us with a glowing sky.

I wasn't even aware that a lunar eclipse was due for the first night that we were at Goosenecks. It was to be a busy night living on the edge.

  There were about 20 rigs spread along the canyon edge awaiting  a sacred event under a clear night  sky full of stars.  You were able to choose where to park your rig.  There are no assigned spots.... just pick your spot as close or as far from the edge as you dare.

Utah is a land full of fallen rocks..... How close to the edge would you dare to park?

The first night we were at Goosenecks we parked a ways from the edge... but moved closer the second night when I noticed all the rocks and bluffs were still in place by morning.

We set up our new home with enough time before dark to go for a walk out to the point.
 It was a long walk out to the point of the area where we were camped.  Across the canyon to one side was the rock formation we called Feet in the Sand.

As we turned to return to camp, the moon emerged into the  pink sky.

Without the light from the moon it was night sky was shrouded in darkness leaving only a slight glow in the moons place .  How blessed we were to be in a place with out light other than from the stars

The next morning, it appeared the magic was still with us.

In a place so filled with cosmic energy, people seemed to look for ways to make connection with the universe beyond their understanding.

Our time in this place was truly magical.



  1. What a true blessing that was indeed. I hope to make my way there this fall before it gets to cold but yet not to hot. such a wonder your seeing.

  2. We overnighted at Goosenecks just a few weeks ago. Sure would have liked to have seen that Moon eclipse from there. Such a scenic area all around there.

  3. Wow, what a night you had. Fabulous pictures. What are the last 3?? One looks like a rock labyrinth. Putting this park on my list for sure. Thanks. Magical is right.

  4. Sherry, the two space craft pictures were of a helicopter flying machine with a camera. We were able to watch it fly in the sky and then when it was out of range in the canyons we could see what it saw on the computer monitor. I had never seen one so big. It was about 3 feet across. We found several labyrinths at this special place. Who needs hook ups when you have all this to explore.