Thursday, April 17, 2014

Moab….Destination of My Dreams

I had long dreamed and planned my trip to Utah.  My trip was full of revisions and alterations but when isn’t life a series of adjustments.  I was clear from the time that I first started planning a life on the road that Utah was my first destination.  Never mind that my solo travels picked up a hitchhiker….. I was still headed to Utah.

 This is a picture that I mounted on one of my cupboard doors.  Yep, I am ready to follow my dreams.  Just altered a bit.

Moab is a tourist town full of tourist endeavors.  There are plenty of tour guides to help you see the back country whether you want to see it by plane, boat, jeep, four wheeler or to take off out your back door and discover the back country.  We stayed at a campground called Sand Flats just a short 2 mile drive from Moab.  It is a campground without water, electricity or sewer…. but it has PLENTY to keep me a happy camper.  For $10 a night you get fabulous views and easy access to a playground wonderland.

 Here are some of the views from where we camped.

 I was fortunate to have a pull though spot that was level.  Parking went perfectly. Our week at the Sand Flats served as a home base while we ran like the tourists that we were from place to place.
 This is our back porch view….Pretty spectacular I  say.

There are mountain bikes, motor bikes, 4 wheelers and plenty of jeeps….

This week is Jeep Safari and there are hundreds of jeep in town.  It is impossible to say how many jeeps are here but I have not found it to be a problem....  I must admit that Moab town is a little on the wild side but then I don't hang out in towns much anyway.  


They limit how many jeeps can use a run at a time to about 30  There is a trail that starts across from my campsite and I have found it entertaining to watch them line up and take off up the trail.  Then they are off, and I didn't hear from or see them again.   

 Then I was off to do what I wanted to do.

They must be pretty tired puppies by dusk...
 By night fall its a pretty quiet place to rest and restore for the next day. 


Tucked in and ready for a good nights sleep!

Night all...


  1. Beautiful scenery, its good to hear that the jeeps did not cause any problems for you.

  2. Like you sign it fits in an RV.

    Sad to see those jeeps taring up the landscape like that.

  3. I loved Utah when I traveled through, I had no idea it was so beautiful. You guys have seen some pretty amazing things so far. I have to say, I like the buffalo photos best. I've seen them from the road, but not up so close. :)

  4. It's pretty amazing to fulfill a dream like this--so glad you get to share it with your granddaughter