Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fisher Towers...A Treasure along the Colorado River

Another road trip.... this time on a paved road to Fisher Towers.  A departure from arches and canyons.  It starts off of  the main road from Arches and follows along the Colorado River to the East.  Water and wind erosion leave their mark across the landscape.

Once we arrived at Fisher Towers we decided to hike out to the photo view point that was close to the parking area.  We hadn't gone far when we were  lured to go farther by the unique rock formations.  Without realizing we were committing to a long hike we wondered farther and climbed higher and higher. 

We started out with only our camera.... no water, pack or first aid..... we would regret that decision but fortunately lived to learn the lesson.   ALWAYS take water!!  No matter what else comes along. 

The day turned out to be near 80 degrees and with all the climbing up and down as we moved around the towers we really were parched and dehydrated by the time we returned to the truck.

We discovered a small canyon where evidence of the power of water and erosion were present from storms a few days before.    

Wild flowers are coming into bloom in the desert.  All of the plants energy is required to produce a bloom which makes it more precious .  

While not a meadow of wildflowers, they provide a beauty in the desert that is matched only by the beautiful and stark terrain.

The views were incredible although the trek was exhausting.

The towers are surrounded by gullies that are produced by the water run off eroding the landscape.  In order to do this hike you must first climb up and down the gullies to get to the towers expending a great deal of energy. 

After we returned to the truck with a little rest and a lot of water we were ready to continue on our voyage.  See the parking lot off in the distance.

With ole cowboy music playing an old time tune, we left the parking area and saw a nearby trail ride of cow pokes from a near by ranch.  It all seemed right in the character for the area.

Back to the Colorado River to return home to our campsite.

A perfect ending to a perfect day!!


  1. Just breath taking views. What a wonderful life you are giving your granddaughter and an experience's she will never forget.

  2. Isn't that a gorgeous landscape! We have been in the area twice and I would love to go there again. Thanks for the outstanding photos! I think we stayed on the same campground.