Saturday, April 19, 2014

Play Awhile in our Sandbox

Around every bend another view begging for a frame. 

 The most difficult part of sharing  the views I have witnessed, is to try and decide which pictures to add to the days events or tell the story of our adventures.  I have hundreds of pictures I have taken and framed....each one breathtaking.
 Do you want to see them all? 

This above view was along a short little jaunt, hardly a walk, to the Sand Dune Arch.... I just called it the Sand Box.  We almost didn't stop as it had been a long  hiking day and I was feeling exhausted and definitely needing food and a rest.  But I found the truck turning into the crowded parking lot thinking that they all loved it here... I would too.  

We followed a sandy path through a darkened passage way.  

We found piles of discarded clues left behind signaling the fun beyond.

We stepped inside a room filled with laughing, playful children of all ages enjoying the coolness of the afternoon in a giant sand box.   

 The sandbox was even complete with it's own arch.

Of course I brought my own kiddo... who wasted no time in getting involved in all the action.

See her up on top of the rock.....

A splendid ending to an exhausting day.
A moment in time that I almost missed by just driving by.
How many moments do we miss by being to tired, busy, preoccupied or just plain distracted.


  1. What a lovely spot for children of all ages! You're right--we pass by so many times without exploring.

  2. Gorgeous and fun place. Can't beat that.

  3. Fantastic, just seemed like the number of kids was growing rapidly :) Fun stuff and of course beautiful color.

  4. Such an excellent point. I often miss things because I "don't want to go to the trouble, I'm tired, I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, it's too hot, it's too cold....;.". Thank goodness I have someone who insists. What a great ending to your day. He'll be really happy if I heed your advice, " a moment in time that I almost missed".

  5. This country is so amazing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adventures.