Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Looking for Boondocking near Goblin Valley....What would you choose?

Most of our camps during our trip to Utah have been in what I call unimproved campgrounds.  Mostly without services of electric, sewer or water.  Pit toilets were available at some sites but mostly we were boondock style camping this outing.  We stayed at such a camp in the Moab area with Garbage, picnic table and fire pit and pit toilets.

It was nice to know that we could leave each day to explore the many choices of activities and home would be waiting when we rolled in at night.  It was also nice that since we were in the Moab area during one of the busiest time (second and third week of April during Jeep Safari) there were camp hosts dedicated to keeping the peace....ie monitoring the generator quiet hours and party times along with  rip roaring off road vehicles.

I frequently hear horror stories of inconsiderate neighbors making noise and the constant roar of  engines that destroyed the peace making poor neighbors.  Sometimes groups of friends will gather without anyone (or common sense) managing the peace.  Mostly I have found this in areas where off road vehicles love to gather.  Since this is more common, I simply visit those areas for brief periods of time and find a more remote place to hang my hat.  

We experienced none of this staying in a regional campground with on site hosts.  Our $ 10 fee was money well spent for our spacious spot and peaceful experience.

Mostly we found campers who wanted services stayed in RV parks in Utah.  Some of the National  or Statestate campgroundsParks had services.... but required reservations.  I will definetely need to change my gypsy ways to get it together and PLAN for stays in those areas.  Rarely have I found a site that was open when using a reservation park. 

Goblin Valley State Park had a wonderful campground amidst goblins with most of the bells and whistles complete with restrooms with flush toilets and SHOWERS and sewage disposal station.  Water was available as well as garbage disposal for $18 if you plan ahead.

Once you leave Goblin Valley State Park we followed a road to the west marked to Wild Horse Canyon.  It was paved to the canyon with several spur road to beautiful boondocking spots.

spur road 

Some local wildlife posing for a glamor shot.....

Check out some of these awesome boondocking spots in the area that we scouted .....
Farther up the canyon road... great spot but I probably wouldn't bring the trailer in here do to the  road conditions and difficulty turning around.

Back closer to Highway 24 near the bluffs.

My favorite site

Check out the view from my site looking the opposite way!!!

There is lots to do and explore in the area..... I'll certainly be back!!

 Bring your own water, solar and porta potty!!
Perfect.... Perfect....Perfect
Price $0 

The View.... The Experience.... It's Priceless!!


  1. Beautiful photos and good advice as usual. I cannot wait to get there.

  2. Gorgeous views! After experiencing your trip second-hand, I think we could spend a month just in the SE corner of Utah & not get bored!

  3. Goblin Valley sounds wonderful and the scenery from your boondocking spot just out of this world. I am always concerned about getting back down some of those roads without space to turn around. What great places you are finding.

  4. these are gorgeous! I envy your gypsy soul and so wish I were there with you!

  5. I can't wait to get back to Utah... way to much to see and do.