Thursday, May 1, 2014

If You Have Seen One Rock, You Have Seen Them All

Next Stop... Capitol Reef.

After traveling the full length of Eastern Utah, I started wondering if there was anything left that would surprise me.  I had seen every color and shape of rock.  Time after time I would see a drop dead gorgeous view, only to go around the next bend and see another different drop dead gorgeous view.

I am enamored with Utah and yet humbled by my lack of previous knowledge of the wonders contained within it's state borders.  Previously I would have considered Utah a drive-by state but then my prior experience only involved interstate travel as I raced through on my way to another destination.

I will admit it, I am awestruck with Utah.  But I had begun to think that maybe I had seen it all.  At this point I had seen two of the National Parks and several Utah State Parks. When a friend suggested I change my itinerary and make time to go to Capitol Reef and I would not be sorry, I doubted there was anything left that would surprise me. 

Little did I know.

This was very much like I have lived my life, always planning for a future event.  Living in anticipation of the next big event.  When I first approached full-timing, I spent nearly a year getting ready and dreaming out the 'great' adventure  before I actually was ready to take off on the life changing adventure.  It took more than a year to sell off, donate and rid myself of all the worldly possessions I had dedicated my life to accumulating.


I did do some adventures during that time but my energy was mostly focused on the future and what I could do for the future and what I had to do to get to the future travels.    In some respects found myself sleep walking through many of those days while anticipating all the good times to come.

There were good moments.... just not enough of them.

 The wash during powerful rains the rushing water brings gravel, rocks and debris often resulting in flash floods

As usual, Hailey could not leave a cave, crevice or rock opening unexplored..... I wonder where she gets that!!

In a wash rocks often are deposited in the erosion pockets
 I lived my life with could of, should of, ought to as my companions.


I left some time for adventures but most of my efforts were spent doing the daily to do list rather than being open to what ever comes and embracing the little moments along the way.

Since life offers no guarantees we will ever achieve our dreams... I say.... live your dreams today and every day in every way possible!

Capitol Reef is a such a mix of color red, white, yellow, light and dark all splashed green.  What a kaleidoscope of color.  
 I had hoped to stay at the campground in Capitol Reef. Since it is a reservation campground, it was full, full, full.  A shower sounded nice and soothing for these travel weary campers.  As always I was on the look out for boondocking possibilities as we traveled along the way.  We passed a road just before getting to the park to the north that I spied some campers along a river road.  So back we went.

Here were some of the sites along the road. 

Well it was bound to happen.  I checked out the road.  Saw on the map that it went on to Cathedrial valley a long ways up the road.  Saw that the road seemed to be maintained and that there were a few other campers along the way...  All good signs.  We wound around the budding cottonwoods amoung the campsites looking for the perfect river site view.   I could hear it but not see it.

So on we went.... and then it happened.  I saw the river, rushing wildly ACROSS the dirt road.  Now since there had been rain the day before it was rushing, full of sand and debris a full 8 feet across.  It was impossible to determine the depth of the crossing.  Now I am a chicken heart faced with two choices.... cross the unknown water or back up approximately half the length of a football field around corners  with trees to avoid.  Yep, I backed up the long, long back up.  

( Please forgive me..... in my panic I forgot to take pictures of the RIVER)

Now the sites without a river view looked pretty darn good!


Lookee.... a pull through spot!!

Today's Back Porch View

Lesson learned , the site doesn't always have to be perfect.

The next morning we had a basin bath, heated water to wash our hair out doors and were ready to reluctantly begin our trek back north to our home base  

If you believe the old saying.... If you have seen one rock you have seen them all......

You Haven't Been To Utah!!



  1. Utah is absolutely breath taking that's for sure! Your pictures show that very clearly. And your today's back porch view is fantastic! Love your wisdom acquired. Isn't that what life is really all about.

  2. Glad you made it to Cap Reef. It's a beaut. Great photos!

  3. Looks like you got caught in southern Utah's spell, too. We've been back several times and never tire of those rocks!

  4. Wow! Thought to myself--add Capital Reef to the list & then thought "just add the whole state!" Safe journey home--so glad you didn't get caught in the flash!! Scary stuff!

  5. Sherry.... Boy have I learned about life being a journey, sometimes it scares me how much I may have yet to learn!
    Yep, Spotted, glad I added Capitol Reef.....still lots to see and do!
    Jim and Gayle I loved what I saw of Utah.... I'm definitely under her spell. I will never figure out how you did so much on your visit last year during the summer heat.... I would have wilted for sure.
    Dawn... don't wait until you can fultime... go as soon as you can...again and again

  6. Since first seeing parts of Utah back in 1993 it quickly became my favorite State. Have not been to Capital Reef yet but maybe we can include it in our Fall travels to Arizona. You have some great photos there. And I so understand that sad feeling when leaving a favorite area. Happens to me a lot.

  7. I don't remember if you made it to Natural Bridges National Monument. If not, add it to your list for next time. It's so much fun and different scenery yet again.