Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fort Stevens and Astoria, Oregon

We moved on to Fort Stephens State Park near Astoria, Oregon. The fort was in service for 84 years, beginning during the Civil War and closing at the end of World War II. Today, Fort Stevens has grown into a 4,200 acre park offering exploration of history, nature, and many recreational opportunities.

Camping, beach-combing, freshwater lake swimming, trails, wildlife viewing, a historic shipwreck, and a historic military fort make Fort Stevens a uniquely diverse park. The park also boasts a network of nine miles of paved bicycle trails and six miles of hiking trails  Its a huge State Park but each site is comfortable with surrounding greenery.  The full service sites are $27 and we were even able to score a pull through site.  Since we were only staying one night I didn't even put out the kennel.  We were crowded but managed through the night.  The neighboring neighbors enjoyed our little home.  It fit right in among their large homes and we visited with the neighbors was they did their nightly walks.

Shipwrecked in 1906, Iredale remains on the beach

After a quick dinner I got out my folding bike.  This is a huge park and some means getting around the park is needed.  There are miles and miles of beaches to explore.  So since I didn't unhook the truck from the trailer, my bike would fill the bill.  Off I went for some exploring and beach time.  It was a twenty minute ride down to the part of the beach that I wanted to be for sunset. 

I had plenty of time for walking on the beach before the sun would begin to set. There weren't many people on the beach so I felt like I could have been a traveler from decades before, seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time. 

The magnitude of the ocean makes me feel small in comparison.

The evening was crowned by a stunning sunset framed by the shipwreck.
The next day it was on to Astoria, a quaint little historic town along the Columbia River.  A drive around the hillside town reveals quaint little shops, Victorian houses and a number of museums including and excellent Maritime museum on the waterfront. 
On the waterfront also was evidence of the recent wharf fire that leveled a seafood cannery which previously employed 80 people.

   Ships on the River are a common sight as they move up and down the river with their cargo's.
The views from the magnificent column are not to be missed.
The etchings and paintings on the column tell the history of the surrounding area.

The area around Astoria has so much to offer for fun.  History buffs will love the forts, there are light houses, Lewis and Clark destinations and of course plenty of water.  Hiking and biking opportunities are plentiful.  One would be hard pressed to be bored in the area.  It is definetely and area that I will return to over and over again.

Stay, Eat, Play, Have Fun!!



  1. I use to live in Astoria 2 blocks from the river front and never tired of the view.

  2. What a neat place - and a gorgeous sunset!

  3. That is a stunning picture of the feather in the sand. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I'm really glad to hear it.

  4. Your photography is great and you sure know how to capture the most beautiful scenes.

  5. We love Fort Stevens and Astoria...great place to visit. Hope you got to visit Fort Clatsop. It's where Lewis and Clark stayed during the winter of 1805-06, and includes a replica of the fort. If you missed it, it's a good reason to go back some day! Great sunset photo.