Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Trip in Time to Oysterville, Washington

Yes, indeed there is a place called Oysterville.

 As a fan of oysters since childhood, I of course had to make a visit.  Traveling to far away places for me, is more than just seeing a new place.  It is experiencing it.  So of course oysterville includes oysters. 

Oysterville also includes a walking (or driving) tour of a tiny historic town that is still has historic buildings that are occupied today.  Each house or building sports a sign elling the history and date.

Here are some of the historic sights around Oysterville.
Historic School House

Historic Home

Historic Church still in use today

Wouldn't this be a lovely place for a wedding?

But Oysterville is really about the oysters.
A drawing showing oyster comparisons.

Pile of oyster shells

Picture from the internet showing harvesting
Barge out at oyster locations in the bay. 
What would a trip to Oysterville be without taking home oysters?

Oysters from Willapa Bay are considered some of the best in the World.
I panfried these in a flour,cracker crumb base and sprinkle with lemon pepper and our course lemon juice.
Yup, they were Yummy!!


  1. and now I'm hungry!
    We stayed at an RV park on Long Beach Peninsula, somewhere between Long Beach and Ocean Park, I think. It was right on the Pacific Ocean and the sand was firm enough to ride our bikes on. Of course the salt water is bad for moving parts, so use lots of WD 40 after you get home. Between the beach and picking up a bike path eventually, we made it all the way to IIwaco, a nice little port town with shops and restaurants.
    Box Canyon Mark

  2. Cute little town! Those oysters look delicious! Thanks for the tour. :)

  3. looks like a really cute town. I am not an oyster fan but still the tour would be nice. So glad you are getting around and glad you decided to park in one place for a few days or more. Much easier on the old body parts!

  4. I use to live in Long Beach. We loved Oysterville and it was a must when family and friends came visiting.

  5. Oh I just LOVE oysters any way you fix them except raw. I love all seafood but never got the taste of raw. This looks like a darling little town. How could it not be with a name like Oysterville. Are there oyster pancakes, oyster salad, oyster donuts and everything oyster????

  6. What a quaint little place love it.