Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Eyes of a Hero

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting a Hero.

Oh, he wouldn't describe himself as a hero.  But he is a hero to every family he has touched in a very unique way.  His name is Michael Reagan.

 I met him on a beach near Lincoln City, Oregon.

Michael capturing life
We were both camera in hand, as we walked the beach awaiting sunset. We introduced ourselves, exchanged information cards and spoke for a few brief moments.  In those moments I was incredibly touched by his dedication to his project I had only known vaguely heard of, the project is known as the The Fallen Hero Project He has dedicated his time and earnings and  provides a pencil drawn portrait to the families of serviceman and woman killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has dedicated his time and talent at no cost to the families as his personal tribute to the sacrifice of their loved one.

He is a hero in my book. 

He said he was there on that day as a personal renewal. He was in search of inner peace after a difficult week.  He had been to Yakima, Washington for the Memorial Service of a fallen soldier and then to Medical Lake for the burial in a National Cemetery.

We chatted for a few more minutes, then  continued each on our way.


                  We all face a setting sun.

But this day,
I paused and remembered all the fallen hero's who will never see another sunset.

      You can meet him too:

The Fallen Hero Project


  1. What a wonderful experience for you. I visited the Web site; he certainly is talented and bestowing such gifts of peace and joy to the families. Thank you for sharing; this was very moving.

  2. I finally figured it out ! Its me, ya know. I am glad you had this opportunity to meet this person who is working hard to enrich others. ;)