Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Airport RV Campground

Finding inexpensive campsites near the Oregon Coast is certainly challenging.  So I consulted a website the specializes in just that.  FreeCampsites.net lists campsites that are reviewed by users and provides information that help you find those elusive less expensive often primitive campsites.
This is the first time I have used the site so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Here is the view from my first campsite using FreeCampsite.net.  For those of you who have traveled in Oregon, you will recognize this Air Museum near Tillamook, Oregon.  Here is where I found a campsite from Free Campsites.net.

Here is the listing as it appeared on the website.  $5.00/night
The Port’s recreational vehicle park is located just off of Highway 101, two miles south of Tillamook. Traveling south from town, turn left (east) on Matlock Way at the Airport Entrance.
It also listed the GPS coordinates but since I don't have a GPS, I used the directions provided and easily found it.  The cost was actually $10.00 per nite compared with  $20 - $27 at a State Park so it was considerably less expensive.  My site was level with a firm gravel pad, a table and firepit and near by water faucets and the only flush bathrooms.

Here is our site.

 Most of the sites were completely sunny but we were able to choose a site that had trees and bushes around it.  We also had the place completely to ourselves. 

I would not of thought a place advertised as a airport RV campground would be our kind of peaceful camping place.  Don't let the name of the campground discourage you.

   There were no roaring engines.  This was a quite place with some background road noise and occasional soft noise of  take off or arrival of these cute little gems.  We also saw a tiny helicopter take off.   I found it completely entertaining and relaxing.

While Tillamook is not near the ocean (about 25 miles away) there are other things to do in the area.  The Tillamook Cheese Factory is about 5 miles from the campsite and a great place to get an ice cream cone and nearby grocery shopping.  The Air museum is has many vintage aircraft to view.  Airplane rides can also be arranged. More to our tastes, was a waterfall to hike to. 

The creek and waterfall are in a deeply forested area with adequate car parking.  (not room for RVS, leave them at the campground).


If it's not blooming

Moss is probably growing on it

We also did some exploring of the countryside and went to check out another camp area, called Sand Lake which is about 20 miles south of our campsite near the Ocean.

While driving down the heavily forested road, this is what we saw.

It was hard to believe what my eyes were seeing.  Here we were in the forest and before me was a sand oasis.  It just didn't seem to fit together.This covered a large area so I went exploring to see what else I could find.

Closer to the ocean, I found another dune area and two campground areas called The Sand Lake Recreation Area. This is an area heavily used by people with ATV's, or as  I call  them 'sand mosquitoes'.  The noise is annoying after a while.... (I just wanted to smack them!)

There are two separate camp areas.  One areas does not allow the ATV's to buzz around.... Camping only.  They are only allowed to return to there camp site.

The second camp area allowed camping around the perimeter of the parking lot so be prepared, the annoying noise is nearly constant.

It was fun to watch for a while and then I was happy to return to our peaceful campsite at the airport.

In my Oregon travels, I have only seen a small section of the amazing diversity that Oregon has to offer.   I look forward to many opportunities to taste the vast differences within her borders.


  1. Don't forget the high desert region. :)

  2. We have a couple of community airports not far from here and I love them! I could so enjoy them as a parking spot for our RV. Enjoy!

  3. There are also casinos on the coast in Florence and Lincoln City. They're free and good to know "in a pinch" to find a camping site.

  4. Thanks for the site.
    Love the place your in and love the waterfall.