Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vintage Trailer Heaven

To start with I am generally not a group person.  I like it best with just a couple of close friends and family.  So going to a glamper event is pushing my comfort level a bit.  I am not sure exactly how many trailers ended up at our event but they were all new to me.  I had followed along this group for some time on facebook via The Rolling Oldies Vintage Trailers which is based out of Oregon.  So I decided to push myself a little and meet some new people.  It was a great move.  They were awesome and made me feel completely welcome.  I corresponded with a few of them on there Facebook page prior to arrival and one of them joined up with me and occupied my tent for the weekend.

There were lots of events and the very special trailer tour.  Since I can't own or decorate them all, the next best thing is to visit them.   It is so fun to see what everyone does to them  regarding restoring and decorating them.    There were some awesome trailer to view.   I Took lots of pictures so you will get to view them too.  This event, The International Glamping Weekend has been held for two years and has taken place in the US, Britian, and Australia and who knows where else.  These ladies love to have fun with their vintage trailer and meet other women in a fun a festive weekend gathering.

I totally let myself be there and join in the fun and meet new folks in the process.  Some of the trailers were custom restorations others were like mine were do it yourself cuties.  There were no clicks and I sure felt welcome.

One of the trailers that I did the best at taking photo's  of was my friend's Lynn's (who is a follower of this blog and we have been emailing for some time with the progress of our trailers.)  I think she did an awesome job with the curtains and decorating.

            It is totally sweet!

Another rare beauty was an import from England.   Caravans are not often seen in the US but I loved the big windows and elegance of the ones I have seen pictures of.  So I was excited to see this one in person. 


Another fun on was this little Tiki Hut.  She hand-
made all the little Tiki Gods that surround the trailer.   Such cute detail!


           It was just a itty bitty,
           full of island cuteness.

There were several gleaming sliver beauties.

 And Julie's... elegance complete with a wine fridge!

I could see ... a nap in my future if I lived here
Check out the wine cooler!

This will end part one of the trailer tour.
More next time.



  1. Haven't heard from you in a long time. Hope your ankle is back to full strength. This looks like a wonderful time. What great little trailers. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. I love those glamped trailers and have been looking for one I could take on as a project.

  3. I just love these little trailers. What size truck do you have to pull yours? I just bought a Dodge Dakota Sport, I also bought a truck tent and I love it but not for long trips..

  4. I love looking at these vintage RVs. Looking forward to seeing more pictures. Glad you made a leap of faith and enjoyed the group.

  5. So glad you had such a good time ... great bunch of ladies!

  6. BTW .... I'm the "other" Sherry (Hall) and finally figured out how to post on your blog!!! Hurray!!!!!!

  7. It was so much fun meeting you and getting to know you! What a great weekend and great group of ladies. Hopefully we'll meet up again next year!