Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lordy, Its Time to Build an Ark!

It's been raining solid for 2 days and nights. On the news they say we have had 2 1/2 inches in 48 hours.   I'm at a campsite with hookups so my little electric heater is keeping me toasty, but my plans to hike up to a waterfall are postponed.  The weather folks are saying rain through tomorrow then a drying trend for the weekend with temps up in the 70's again!  It will take some time to dry out inches of rain in the forest so the hike may not be able to happen this trip.

Last Fall I used roofing seal tape on the seams and sealed the roof with an elastic sealer and we are completely dry in our little nest!  AWESOME!!   Kitties have been spending their time indoors as well as the kennel area does get some blown in rain.

 They are now busy napping the day away.

I'm really enjoying staying in one spot for longer than a few days. It feels more like a settled way of a life instead of an extended vacation.  So much nicer than the endless putting up and takin down all the stuff.  (Maybe time for rethinking the stuff issue again...) I love having outdoor space but packing up is a bummer!!

Due to the weather the campground is nearly deserted.  There is the camp host and one other camper in a small tent..... In a very small tent....

This morning on my morning walk around the campground during a break in the rain, I saw someone walking out of the forest covered in garbage bags.

He bothered noone and just kept going.  It looked like to me that he had camped deep in the forest and possibly walking out to find somewhere dry.  It was a sobering moment to realize that some people have so little.

I will tell you I am a stone toss away from the camp host and have my car alarm and cell phone handy in case of emergency.  There has been no trouble at all.

I am grateful for my little trailer, happy in my little nest and not finding myself restless at all.  OK, I'll be honest I prefer the sun and busy days.

Last night I was cleaning up in the trailer and decided to take the garbage to the can.  While at the garbage can, there were some big crashing noises in the forest near where I was along with the breaking of twigs or branches.  So here I am, standing in bear country with garbage in my hands. 

While the only wildlife I have seen is a deer on a daily basis I'm not fond of the idea of seeing a bear up close and personal.

Was I brave? 

Did I run like crazy?

You bet... I was back in my trailer in a flash!

I certainly know the thin walls of a trailer are not great protection, but I felt better just the same.

I finished cleaning Lolita and climbed in bed for a cozy evening.
Looking forward to warmer days    :)


  1. I feel like my small RV is a cocoon, very comfortable, as you describe yours. I do not put things outside, a chair and maybe a small folding table. I do have a beach umbrella but usually do not use it next to my RV. And ya, rain is miserable - Hope you have sunny days soon.

  2. I agree whole heartedly with your well expressed feeling that you prefer staying in one place for longer than a few days. I prefer 2 weeks at least in any place that I'm really enjoying. It does seem more like "real life" and less like a vacation. We have had more than our share of rian this spring and I love hearing it on the roof and curling up inside with a good book but after a few days......enough is enough..........I want to be outside. Hope the sun shines for you again soon.

  3. If I like a place, I stay as long as I can. I am definitely a "homebody" and prefer to be inside my little home. I seldom put anything out except a mat to stamp my feet on and sometimes a hummer feeder. I put out a chair if I need to leave to dump or go into town, just to stake my claim to the campsite. I can pack up and leave in 10 minutes. Suits my gypsy nature!

  4. Too much stuff for outside can be a real hassle unless you will be someplace for a while but I think that is something you figure out as you live the life.