Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

It's going to rain most of the day today so it's a perfect time to finish up the trailer fun from the girls campout.  Glampers know how to have fun, rain or shine and we were lucky to have  great weather for an early season campout near the ocean.

Friday nite there was bunco for those wanted to play....

A couple of gals out for a little bunco fun!!

My facebook friend Diyo, arrived just before bunco so we were busy getting her settled in my tent before dark so we passed on bunco. 

The next morning was a breakfast buffet with all kinds of yummy food.  It's rare to see anyone pass on good food!  Lynne and Sarah did an awesome job putting the buffet together with pink flamingo's for decorations.  Perfect!!

Probably the highlight for me of any rally is the trailer open houses. It is so fun to see what people have done with their little play houses.  Some decorate in a chosen theme, some celebrate the vintage aspect and have a wonderful collection of era correct items while others may choose more modern or eclectic detail.  You never know what you will see. 

I showed a number of theme decorated trailers in my first post on the glamper event. This post will visit a wide variety of little and some not-so-little home away from homes.

I have never been at an event so many itty bitty trailers.  So it was awesome to get to view many tear drop trailers.    There owners made them selves right at home and enjoyed their little homes.

Flash to the 70's
This one is certainly bright and cheerful!


While not vintage, this one certainly has class!

Check out the rear end of this tear drop.....
imagine following her down the road!
Check out the cute little troll doll! 


These two big girls joined us.

There interiors have been remodeled with many modern features to get away homes the owners were very proud of.

After the tours, we had worked up an appetite and stop by for a specialty crepe at the crepe lady's.
It was wonderful!! 
Then a stop by Wineabeggo for a little wine tasting!

The gals put on a great swap meet but I did not partake... after all that downsizing I have NO intention of adding to my stash!!

The perfect ending to the perfect weekend was a dessert buffet.

Death by Chocolate!!
Our Hostesses with the Mostest!
Shirley and Michele
Great Job Gals!!
My last trailer photo at this years campout was of campground neighbor Carla
Here is her little cutie!

I followed this cutie pie home and spent an extra night visiting and resting up for further journeys.
But look who I also found..... Friend Diyo and her restoration in progress.
I can't wait to follow the progress as this gem becomes polished.
It was more girl-friend time to make
A perfect ending to a perfect weekend!!


  1. It's amazing how much time and work these gals put into their rigs. The outcome is just so much fun! :-)

  2. That is good the small and vintage lifestyle.
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. I love your posts! Thank you! xoxoxo

  4. Can't say that I could live in the tiny babes although I am aware of a few full-timers who do..... I was the only full-timer at this event. Glad you enjoy the posts!

  5. Really have loved your posts of these great little trailers. What fun!! I would love to be in the midst of all these creative cute homes. Lucky you!

  6. Great pictures! Love the graphic on the back of that teardrop - bet that keeps some drivers awake.

  7. Just tickles me all those lovely whimsical traveling homes! ADORABLE!

  8. I've done so little to The Palms, I love it the way it was when I bought it. But I have to admit, these gals have such style, I have to wonder what they would do to my motor home. If I was more creative, I'd change the fabric on my dinette seats and valances. I DO love the girly stuff in these little homes. Thanks for the great tour! :)

  9. Very entertaining. I love the cute little campers but enjoy the room in my 5th wheel.