Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snowball Gathering Speed or A Snowball Chance in Hell?

 Snowball Gathering Speed or A Snowballs Chance in Hell? 

Many people start the New Year making resolutions that are quickly forgotten and ignored.  So rather than resolutions I am focusing on goals.  I know, just semantics, but goals are things I work toward not just an end results.

Yep, my number one goal is to sell my house and hit the road... Are you getting tired of me saying that???  (Yet I'm still here!!)  I am making progress but it is a bigger job than this body has been able to muster! I was certainly siderailed by the broken leg but I'm feeling stronger every day. 

I just want to restate it here to remind myself that I am going to leave this house and begin my travel adventures and it THIS is the year!! 

 Here is what I have done
  • Massive de-cluttering (Read donate/ give away/ through away)
  • Huge garage sale (I probably won't do that again!)
  • Found homes for most of the farm animals (one horse, 2 donkeys left)
  • Traveled in longer periods of time exploring new areas in the northwest
  •  Continue to learn every thing I can about
  • BLOGGED 66 entries!!
I have never had the discipline to even keep a diary longer than a few days.  I am so excited that I have managed to be faithful to the blog.  I realize that it is due to you the readers and the comments that you have left for me that have encouraged me to continue along the path and live my dreams.

Thank-you SO much for your support and following my ramblings!

Here is some of the things I will be focusing on till I'm out of here
  • I will be continuing the de-cluttering  until I am out of here!
  • Staging rooms for the selling process, as the listing the house is the next step.
  • Sell some larger items via Craigs List
  • Continue to improve condition of house
I am having several larger items done to the house in the next couple of weeks as a step to enhance the saleability of the house.  Next week I'm having  a natural gas line installed.  Then comes a new natural gas furnace.  The furnace was delivered last week and will be installed once the line is in.

A plumber to fix some minor plumbing issues.

An electrician to update a couple of fixtures and electrical issues. 

Continue weekly trips to the dump and donation piles. 

 Snow ball Gathering Speed or A Snowball Chance in Hell?  You decide.   


  1. Happy New Year!
    Glad to find your blog. You have been writing my life! This is the year to sell and go. Horses, gone, stock trailers gone, de-cluttering like crazy. New gas furnace next week, painting, so much to do, so much to look forward to. It helps to know someone else is doing similiar. I even found my town in your list-Baker City, OR. Your blog helps keep my focus. Thanks!

  2. Definitely gathering speed I'd say! :)

  3. Oh, the places you'll go! Good work so far!

  4. It(s just a matter of time. Keep on keeping on and it will happen. I know what you mean about blog commenters and comments keeping you going. They sure do for me. I had no idea when I started that I would come to depend on them.

  5. Happy New Year and here is to an early in the year sale of your house so you can get on the road!

  6. Snowball gathering speed is my vote! You might be surprised at how it all comes together, with fits and starts, maybe a backstep or two, and then one day you will look back and you are on the road. Keep on keepin on!

  7. Won't be long now. You've stated your intention to the universe and it will fall in line. I bet your house sells in no time at all.

    Can't wait to meet you on the road one of these days!

    Woo hoo!


  8. you are gathering speed, faster than I think you thought initially! I am so excited for you and wish I had been/was as organized as you are. I am so remiss about my blog and I am trying to talk myself into getting going...... Can't wait to meet up with you in your new home ground!

  9. I think you gaining speed on me......sure is freeing day by day. We are both so close!!!!