Monday, January 28, 2013

My Children Will Thank Me One Day

I am on a first name basis with the folks at the dump.
It's new home before incineration

The recycle people call me monthly to arrange pickup. And still there is more!! Day after day, I gather, sort and dispose of garbage size bags that are treasures (?) that I have held on to for many, many years.

Some times I feel overwhelmed with making decisions:
Decisions, (Keep or Toss?)
          Decisions (Do I really need this?)
                    Decisions (Will it fit in the trailer?)
Do I ever one want someone to have to do this with my things?).

When did I become a hunter, gatherer, hoarder ?

I used to hate to go to the Regional Disposal Center but now when I return from the garbage substation I feel 10 pounds lighter and unmeasurably more free .

Besides freeing me, I hope all this work will spare my children of the task of clearing out this rubble, I mean treasures.  It is not enough to reduce, recycle and reuse....

Don't Accumulate!!!

I hope NEVER, NEVER, NEVER to be in this position again!!

 Back to Sorting...... 


  1. I can well relate. When we started tossing and giving and selling before going full time 3 years ago, I too, felt so much lighter. It's very liberating. Keep up the good work!

  2. How do we end up with all this stuff? Like the weight I guess. I just creeps in a little at a time and the years pass by and then it's overwhelming. It really is too much to leave to our children. Very important post!

  3. Your kids won't thank you becasue they won't know what they narrowly escaped - LOL. But they are lucky, whether they will realize it or not. My brother and I had to take something like 20 trips of junk to the dump when my dad died. He wasn't a hoarder at all, he'd just lived in the same house for 50 years and had lots of stuff. It didn;t seem like that much until we had to clean it out and go through it all. What a job. I wish he'd been able do what you're doing.

  4. I have been at least 5 years specifically getting rid of stuff to lighten up. I still have lots. After I get rid of stuff I wonder why I kept it so long. So far that hasn't made it any easier to get rid of what I still have. My Mom and Dad pared down and my Mom now has very little, and I already know what of her things I will keep and what I will get rid of when the time comes. A funny family story is that Mom and Dad's home base was in the family home town and the entire town knew when Mom and Dad were getting ready to make a move again because Mom would be going through everything and getting rid of stuff.

  5. Our attic has been cleaned out two times~~and now needs to be cleared out again! I've said no more things are going to be stored...period! After reading what you are doing it gives me the boost I need to start tossing. By the way, I have 6 dozen 1/2 pint jars in the attic that we used to can tuna~~do I save them or toss them?