Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow, Heat and Fun

I awoke this morning to a shout out to Spokane Washington on Good Morning America.  They were commenting on our snow fall.   Yep, we had snow!!  Not record setting in my book but pretty just the same.  So here I am.... dreaming of desert winters, welcoming a white winter.  

I am grateful that I have the luxury to not spend a great deal of time outdoors.
I have great viewing windows to this splendid winter wonderland.


Today the furnace was installed.  Wow, warmth at a much lower cost!!
I can get excited about that!  I'm sure the future buyer of my house will too!

New Natural Gas Furnace 95.5 Efficient
 I think I can get excited about that!

Now this is my idea of Snow Fun....

Will someone park my trailer?
Oh, Oh, This is going to cost me!


So, I've had snow, heat, and fun!  I hope you had a great day too! 



  1. The snow is so beautiful. I hope we get a little this winter. It will be a relief from rain. I love your humorous trailer photos cute! Are those little trailers yours?

  2. Love the wee trailers in the snow! Your photos made me giggle, thanks!

  3. What a collection of trailers....adorable!!