Friday, December 28, 2012

Eagle Pilgrimage

Every year, during the week between Christmas and New Years, I make a pilgrimage to watch eagles stop for a winter feeding along northern Idaho.

This year Auntie and I packed the truck with breakfast, cocoa, snacks, eagle book, binoculars and camera and off we go.  It is only about 30 miles from my house so I make this trip every year and have done so for many years.  It was a foggy, snowy day, but the roads were clear making it a wonderful day in my book.

During the month of December the eagles stop along the lake to  partake of the spawning Kokanee salmon.  Wildlife volunteers do a bird count, set up eagle displays and they have sighted over a hundred eagles this year.

Eagles wingspan is up to seven feet wide, so while they are wider than we are tall they only weigh approximately 12 pounds.  Why can't I have hollow bones!!


Along the side of the road where I parked I found this interesting  mountain side complete with moss, growing ferns and icicles.  Click on the picture to see more detail.

I haven't mastered action animal or bird photography. I took many, many pictures of blurry eagles swooping down to catch their prey and tips of wings flying out of the picture. Someday I will master birds in flight and the patience to wait for the treasured shots. In the mean time these two eagles were so helpful and sat perfectly still for me. 

It was a wonderful day!!!

 Sorry folks it's all I got!!


  1. sorry, why sorry? This is so really cool! I have never seen a wild eagle IRL so it would be an awesome thrill for me! Gorgeous pictures. Looks like it was a perfect day, crisp, cold and sunny. Glad you got rid of the crutches and felt up to making the annual trek. Auntie looks like she enjoyed it too. Take care and stay warm!~

  2. I love doing stuff like this. What a great day, with hot cocoa to boot.

    The Pacific Northwest is such an awesome place to view bald eagles. We used to live on the Willamette River near Wilsonville, Oregon and one time I got to witness a bald eagle taking a bath. He sat on a snag in the river, then worked himself down the snag into the river, ruffled his feathers a few times, them walked back up the snag.

    Our place on the river was awesome for bird watching, especially great blue herons and osprey. Nothing quite like living by a major river away from the city.

  3. What a wonderful outing and tradition. This is just my kind of thing! So many eagles, lucky you two.

  4. What a wonderful post and love the pictures. I've been in that area around that time and the eagles are amazing.


  5. Ah, the Beauty Bay Road. I lived up the hill toward Harrison on Burma Road for a few years and my husband traveled to work in the Spokane Valley on that road. I would bet you weren't among the people who park in the middle of the road to see the eagles, right? Your photos brought back some lovely memories for me. Thank you.

  6. The Eagles have arrived here, too... along the Uncompaghre river north of Ridgway, Col.. There is a bike/pedestrian path along the river so it's a great photo op. Bring your camera! :)). and thanks for your kind comment...
    Box Canyon Mark