Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We have Gas...

Today was one of the colder days of the year. 

And yup, the power company arrives to extend my gas line from across the road and connect it to my house.  I was still plodding around in my jammies and slippers when the door bell rang but I was excited to see them.

Five different vehicles arrived to do the work so it has been an entertaining day to say the least.  I course was concerned that the ground was to frozen, but I needed have worried.


 They brought big equipment to dig the holes required at the street and the house foundation provided enough warmth to heat the ground at the new meter site.



  Once they had the holes on both ends dug it wasn't necessary to dig a trench line for the pipe as equipment bored  from one hole under the street and under the yard to the hole by the house.  This part actually only took a few minutes.

   The prep work and clean up of course took longer. 
 Doesn't it always take the most time.

The big equipment tamped down the frozen earth.  It was a house shaking process.

When they were done this is what the previously dug hole looked like.  It is amazing.  In the spring the grass will resume growing in this spot without any assistance from me.  I love when a plan comes together.

Here is the finished product

Next step will be to have the electric furnace replaced with the new gas furnace.

I sure do enjoy watching other people work!!

And the best part is the five hours of work by 6 people cost me.....   $ 0.

Mighty fine day.


  1. $0???? Wow, that's fantastic!

    Cheap entertainment. LOL. LOL.

  2. This sounds like something you didn't do for yourself but are doing for the next owner of the house or are you keeping it and renting it? I ask this because it's the kind of thing I do. Put up with things that really need changing and then when I'm selling it do all the work I should have done for me to enjoy. Anyway, Amazing that the cost was $0. How did you pull that off? Congratulations!!

  3. You are right.... My furnace is on it's last leg and forced are electric. I have always used the pellet stove for heat but natural gas is so much less than electric. I had heard that there is a special through the utility company that provides rebates that will pay for the hooking up of the furnace to the gas line and the gas company provides the line (and all the work to bring the line to the house. I bought the furnace. Had I left the old furnace would have been a poor selling point. (really poor!!) The rebates will only be available until March so it's a win/win situation for us both!

  4. You'll enjoy your gas service. We installed gas back in '94 and it was the best decision ever. (OK, maybe next to getting married..) The possibilities are amazing. We have a gas range (five burners, love it) gas dryer, gas hot water heater and gas boiler. (Furnace)
    No plans for a gas BBQ just yet. That's a tough one, only due to its location in our back yard.
    Isn't it neat how they can shove the pipe underground like that? I thought they'd need to dig a trench. Nope.