Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just call me Sherlock

The mystery of Lolita that baffled me for nearly four years.

Here is Lolita on my first Solo Trip

My Cowgirl bunkhouse

The story began with the adoption of my little home on wheels, in 2009.  I had looked at a few vintage trailers but when I saw her, I knew she was the one.    While I was looking her over, another potential buyer appeared and the pressure was on.  I walked away from the trailer to talk with the owner and in a few short minutes she was mine.  I didn't even kick the tires.

I came home with a bill of sale and a sweet little trailer. 

I searched the trailer inside and outside for a name on the trailer.  Nadda.  I did find that it was manufactured in Utah and a vin number but that was all the information that she would give up.  The first thing people ask when seeing her is what kind of trailer she is.  I could tell them nothing.  In desperation I gave her a name.  My mothers  name was Lois so I spiced it up a bit and my little trailer became Lolita, in honor of my Mother who shared her love of camping with me.

Lolita is a unique trailer with a back door.  There aren't many out there so she gets her share of attention in the campgrounds.  But no one had any ideas of her ancestry .

I filed the papers and finally got a title for the little trailer.  I was anxious to find out the brand name of the trailer.  But no brand name.... just listed as trailer.  Hmmmm..  That would never do.

I checked out online forums and ask the trailer wizards if they knew anything thing that might lead to information about my trailer.  I found some pictures of trailers with a rear door.    Here are a few that I found.


They shared a back door but there were always differences and I knew they were not from the same family.

 I love this one.... but it has a rounded overhang in the front.

But tonight, after nearly four years of searching,  I was hanging out on Tin Can Tourist and a message came up that caught my attention right away.
Robyn    I just saw a unique trailer, it is a 70-something Jet from Salt Lake City, it is a rear door model, probably 14-16 feet. Had a front dinette/bed, side gaucho/cabinet and stove/closet on the left. Very odd! 

I would say yours is the exact same trailer give or take a year  but the shape and layout is exactly the same.   Jet is clearly on the front of the trailer with "salt lake city, utah" underneath.
We messaged back and forth and another gentleman added  a little more info and now I have a  name and a manufacture.  The trailer is a Jet Trailer, crafted by Lofgrens SLC!!  A little more research on the internet and I found a Jet Resource Page on a Shasta forum.  (I certainly would never have thought of looking there!!)

 I found out that only 350 were made and they had both side entry and back door models.  One of the most important clues that was verified was that they were manufactured in Salt Lake City like mine.  I was even able to find the obituary of the founder of the company who died in 2012.

I was able to send off messages to a number of other members so maybe there will be more information coming.  There was even a PDF file that has a Jet insignia label.  Oh boy, I'll have to have one of those made up!! 

Look at this little gem named Sally with the identical floor plan as Lolita

 I love a good mystery.  I love solving a good mystery even more.

Just call me Sherlock!


  1. She's BEAUTIFUL! And, I love your "cowgirl" motiff. I'm so glad you found her information.

  2. Ah! Another mystery solved. Good work!

  3. What a neat trailer, and I love the way you decorated her. I can imagine how great you're feeling after solving this 4-year mystery. If there were only 350 made in the 70's, she's pretty rare and looks to be in good shape. Quite a little gem! :)

  4. Good sleuthing. I'm happy you can now put a manufacturer's name on your trailer. Now that you have the logo, you could literally do just that. I bet there are plenty of companies out there who would make a nice metal logo for you.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying your home!

  5. Oh, um, I forgot to call you Sherlock, Sherlock.

  6. Congrats. Nice to have the mystery solved. Cute trailer.

  7. This is terrific! I know how long you've been searching to find this out. My mama always told me patience was a virtue. But I think I may have to get some from you!

  8. How cool is that! I love that floor plan too. Happy Travels

  9. This is such exciting news! I know you are proud of yourself for continuing the search. I'm proud of you too. Great stick-to-it-aness.

  10. hey I just picked up a 16' Lofgren Jet trailer, 1969, from a private seller in Idaho Falls, ID... I was going through the same problem finding out exactly what I had! After reading this and a closer inspection I found the "Jet" sticker under a layer of paint on the top left corner of the rear panel. Have you found anymore info on these guys? I want to restore mine a little bit and want to see about original color schemes

  11. I have found some info on facebook. Earlier this year a facebook group started for Jet trailer owners. Here is a link to the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/236009113213450/
    The group that had been available on the Shasta forum is no longer there so I can't currently access the info I found before. Still looking for more info. I have joined the Facebook site. Maybe I'll see you there too!!

  12. May I ask where you found you VIN#? I recently purchased a 1969 rear door Jet with very little info and would love anything you would care to share. Thank you, Karen

  13. I'm having the same problem. Your trailer looks similar to mine now I will do research on a jet. You may have solved it for me to. I can even find a vin anywhere.

  14. I cant tell if mine is a jet camper ? Please help me solve my mystery