Saturday, January 26, 2013

Camping@Home Day

The winter is a long, long gray season that lasts from the last camping trip to the first camping trip in many campers lives.  They spend their time staring out the window, longing for the carefree days surrounding a camp fire, enjoying the fellowship of other campers.

About the same time I discovered blogland and all of you RV'ers, I found glampers.... Groups of women (some groups have men members too) who honor their independent spirit and celebrate their inner desire to explore and have fun.  They have found great little bargains on the internet and in fields and barns of rural USA,  Once decorated in a theme that suits their wildest dreams they go forth into the world to camp and recreate.  I belong to a number of on line groups and forums and there is an endless stream of idea, glamped trailers, wild women and a few brave men to learn from.

The latest group that started is called Camping@Home.  It suits the likes of these campers who dream of life of camping or living on the road but who are still tied to home.  So this latest group celebrates the wonders of small space living and when time is not available get away to a remote spot they slip away to the privacy of their 'little home' and replenish their spirit and dream away.

To such a and end,  today is the first monthly virtual meet up of the Camping at Home group.

The weather is cold, cloudy and has been raining off and on today.

That certainly has not put a damper on my memories or dreams.


It bring me back to my beginning of camping.  Today is my Mom's birthday.  She would have been 81 today.  When I was a kid, we had a huge, three room tent and spent many summers camped on Beautiful Priest Lake in Northern Idaho.  She prepped a wonderful spot, raked it daily and set up a camp complete with wildflower bouquets .   I gather wild huckleberries for huckleberry pancakes and hikes trails along creeks and later in the afternoon cooled off in the chilly lake.  I bought my trailer after my Mom's passing so she never had the opportunity to come with me as my Auntie has but I celebrate on this day all the camping memories we did share.  So many memories. 

 Ahhh, the things dreams are made of.


  1. What wonderful memories your mother made for you. It sounds just beautiful. I hadn't heard of glamping before. Is it mostly a Facebook thing??

    1. It certainly is present on facebook. Probably the beginnings were in the hearts of women who camped with men and wanted to make it 'nice' like my MOM. It has become a cultural phenomenon probably due to groups like Sisters on the Fly and The Royal Order of the Glampers. Some of these groups meet in virtual space and some in real time and place for camping and other events. While I am not generally a 'joiner' of groups, meeting these gals from these groups has made great connections and actually has been the spark that crystallized my dream for ful-timing.

  2. I just heard about this glamping but still don't know enough about it. I need to look this up.
    But memories can be so wonderful for some of us.
    I'm glad you have fond ones of times with your mom.

    1. I'm sure that you can find a group that meets up locally in your area. They also help other women overcome their fears of camping on their own and the dreaded "towing and backing the trailer up".

  3. What wonderful memories! We always camped for family vacations, one tent for my parents and one for us three kids. Hikes, cook-outs, campfire shows by the Rangers while eating our Tootsie Roll suckers. It was a great way for families on a budget to have a fun vacation!

    I've heard of glamping, but didn't know what it was. I'll definitely be a member if I ever live in a small house again. And it will definitely be small! Thanks for the info. :)

  4. Nice to know that we won't forget all our childhood memories when we can't remember what we did 10 minutes ago!

  5. Can you supply your favorite links?? I've googled but not sure I'm getting the right things. I do LOVE sisters on the fly. Love their website and the book. Didn't know they would be considereed glamping. What other links are your favorite.

  6. Girl Camping

    The Loyal Order of the Glamper

    Rolling Oldies Vintage Trailers

    That should get you started!