Monday, January 21, 2013

A Target in Sight!

The day began as a gray and gloomy day, enclosed in foggy soup.

A good morning to cuddle up with kitties, a wooly blanket and steaming coffee.   It certainly seems better to embrace what is before me this day than to lament over the could have, should have would haves.  (I just won't go there!)

Have you ever notice that one great thing about chilly winter mornings is they are perfect for dreaming the great adventures to come.  I realized I need a carrot, to spur me on to the tasks at hand and move this adventure into the great big world.

TARGET DATE : March 15, 2013


So I have been thinking.....
I need a due date...
A departure date for a great adventure.

A Target Date!

  So here are some of my thoughts:

So on this foggy morn, I'm planning a great adventure.  My house is getting very close to listing.  I'll take this next month and finish up the house details and getting the realtors on board .

Once the house is listed, I'll move into the trailer.  It will become crystal clear, what I can live with (and without) while on my camping at home adventure.  It will also be a little warmer in a month!  (a girl can hope can't she!)  My thoughts are that I will work on the trailer and tow rig until mid-March or so and make a break for it when the weather allows  a break for towing over mountain passes.

I'm thinking of going south baby.... to experience spring in the desert!  It sounds like a blooming great idea to me.  I'm thinking that I need to be back here before the great spring yard clean up although I'm hoping that the snow will be gone enough before I leave to get some clean up under way.

The big determiner of  these fluid plans is the sale of the house.  When the house sells I will need to come back to take care of all the details.  So the length of the adventure will in part be determined by the impending house sale.

I am doing projects every day.  I have a camping gal buddy to talk with when I need a boost of enthusiasm. And Lordy.... I'm making lists.  Lots of lists.  A to do list for the house.  A to do list for my mobile mansion.  A to do list for the animals.   

Now don't forget.... You are along for the ride.  I need your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts. Did you forget  details that later came back to bite you.... SAVE me from making the same mistakes. 


  1. tried to call the other day, would love to touch base. Having a target date was one thing that really made it real for me and working toward that made the time go really quickly.

    Your target date is definitely doable....and I know you will make it happen!

  2. The idea of a target date is a geat one. It really does put things in focus. You can aim everything toward it. When the house sells, you don't have to come back. I have friends who sold their house and did all the paperwork while they were in Disneyworld. They took off full timing 2 months before their house sold. Go for it!

  3. Good target date. Don't be surprised if you have to move it up. Although our house closed one day before the target date, we already had our airline reservations from Hawaii to Oregon for the day it was supposed to close. We ended up spending one night in the airport hotel in Honolulu because our buyers wanted the house the next morning!

    The one thing I regret getting rid of that I would have had room for and used in our full-timing was my sewing machine. I keep kicking myself over that one.

  4. OMGosh! I love this post. You are incredible!!!

  5. Boy it sounds like you are doing a lot of thinking and getting your ducks in a row. Do you know how long similar homes are taking to sell in your area? That should give you a good idea on a timeline too. I'm enjoying reading about your adventure. It already began when you started planning!

  6. Spring in the desert sounds great! You'll love it!

  7. Sherry is correct. If you don't sell the house before your target date, as long as you have all your things out of it you don't have to be present for the closing. We were in Las Cruces, NM when the closing on our house in Pensacola, FL took place. Our realtor faxed us paperwork that had to be signed, notarized and sent back ahead of the closing. Your realtor can give you all the details. For us it was a simple process and one of the happiest days of our lives when she called and told us we were homeless. Best of luck!

  8. I think I read you were staging the house. That means you haven't sold all your household goods, so that means you will return before the final signing of the papers to dispose of what items you aren't keeping. If your house was empty, then, yes, you could finish the sale of the house from anywhere in the world, as long as there is a fax machine at your disposal.
    So glad I found your blog. I may be doing the same thing you are, selling my house and living in an RV. I have been widowed for 4 yrs, and will be running out of savings soon, so I won't be able to live here forever. Your experiences and thoughts of leaving your home are very interesting since you are walking a path I may have to walk on. Thanks for sharing your life with the world.

  9. You all are so right... as long as I leave the house staged (which has been recommended to aid in the sale) I will need to come back to take care of the final arrangements. Since I live up north in Washington State it seems like a good area to be during the summer months. One way or another I will be out of this house completely by fall. More about this in upcoming blogs.....