Friday, February 1, 2013

Free Kindle Book

This is just a short post today.  I am madly working on my house getting ready for my first realtor to come this weekend.  The rooms are beginning to come together and certainly look bigger and more organized than they were.  Why are there still so many things I still want to do?  But I am going ahead and talking with the realtors to get their input on what things I need to focus on.  My goal is to be done with the house my mid-February..... so I'm pushing ahead hard.   Wish me luck!!

On another topic. 


I ran across this free Kindle book about Workamping. today and wondered if any readers might be interested in taking a look at it.

I certainly have read a number of blogs about workamping so I am going to gather some more information.  I certainly want to consider all the options.  But I suppose I'll have to get over some of my wonder lust first.

All of my adult life I have had so many other people to consider that I have never been able to go where I want, when I want and do what I want.  It feels selfish to me to say that out loud but I know that for at least a while I need to spread my wings and just wonder as suits me for that day.  I certainly want to continue to learn about all the options and find what fits for me.  Who knows what the future will bring?   


  1. Spread your wings ladybird and FLY. It's not selfish at all.

  2. So many opportunities lie ahead.

  3. Great to hear about Mid-February! I too thought about work camping but decided that until I really have to do that, I don't want to spend months in the same place. I suspect that the wanderlust will subside..........won't it?? But it hasn't yet after 2 years. But then again all I did in 2012 was get to know certain parts of Florida REALLY well.

  4. It's time to enjoy YOUR life. Have fun.

  5. It is your turn, Burn Baby Burn :))
    Box Canyon Mark

  6. It's absolutely wonderful to have all day, every day, to go where YOU want and to do what YOU want. It takes some getting used to, and you'll have to get over any guilty feelings when you don't want to do anything at all, but it'll happen. This RVing lifestyle is so great, you're gonna love it! :)

    Thanks for the book suggestion - I just downloaded it. I don't plan to work camp, but it sounded like an interesting read. (I'd rather be frugal than work. At least for now, probably forever.)