Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seattle.....Walk Until You Drop

When I am ready for an adventure, it is usually nature and the outdoors that calls me.  I love the quiet and serenity of the forest with distinctive smell of each type of trees, the crispness of the ocean breezes and the peaceful majesty of the mountains.

Our State contains incredible diversity, of climate, lifestyle, and culture and to not taste of the wide array of choices dulls the pallet by promoting sameness of experience.  I have visited Seattle many times with work opportunities providing a backdrop to play tourist over the years.  I also want Hailey to see the opportunities and diversity available within Washington State. 
So we're off to see some of the largest city in the state.

Seattle is a city, plagued with eternal road construction, many steep hills and roads going in odd directions that rapidly come to an unexpected halt that is common to seaport cities.  To visit Seattle with a trailer following behind seems more than a little daunting.  To find parking for the truck and trailer seemed an impossible task so we opted for a ferry ride into Seattle.  A decision I may later live to regret.

The ferry station in Bremerton sits along side a park with five volcanoes fountains, erupting water to the delight of squealing children.  What a beautiful tie between nature and art.  We loved watching the children splashing and enjoying the day as we waited for our ferry.  If we had more time.....I would have joined them in play.

The huge ferries allow you to drive aboard the ferry leaving your vehicle below or walk aboard as we did and enjoy the comforts of comfy seating or outside deck views.


Willing passengers provided snacks to gulls who followed along for the ride snatching chips thrown into the air.

Ferries passing, taking passengers to their destinations.  Before long we see Seattle in the distance providing us with great photos.


Mariner Baseball stadium on the left - Seahawks Football stadium on the right

The location on the waterfront near the ferry terminals allows sports fans from the islands walk aboard the ferry leaving their auto, traffic and parking worries behind on game days.

After landing at the ferry terminal, we walked the wharf area, taking in the sights and sounds of the busy waterfront.  Our destination would be the Space Needle  built for the 1962 Worlds Fair for a ride to the viewing platform.

Who can go to Seattle without going up the Space Needle?

There is lots to do in the Space Needle area, a Children's museum, Science Museum a sculpture garden  and just places to hang out.

Once  you are on the viewing deck there are some interesting displays.

This is a motor like the one that turns the restaurant level for the famous 360 degree view. 

 Other tidbits of information are on display for your amusement as well.

Views from Above
Music and Science Fiction Museum

Yes, it really does look like a futuristic monstrosity..... (but if you are Paul Allen of Microsoft fame, you can build a museum any way you want!)  More on this Museum in the next post......

Elvis Presley rode the Monorail.....and so did we!

To save footsteps, we rode the Monorail back down toward the  wharf area.  Also built for the World Fair, after more than fifty years it is still running for tourist and commuters between the expo area and downtown, a distance of nearly one mile.  It is used heavily during events at the Key Arena and other community concerts and events.  At $2.25 an adult ticket it is a bargain to travel on this nostalgic ride.

Due to the length of the post today were I to continue I will finish this on another post.  

Stay tuned for Part Two of Seattle..    and    ...the Ferry Ride from Hell!

Until then .... Happy Trails


  1. Love the picture of you Hailey. All the pictures are soon clear and crisp and the gull what a catch that is.

  2. I don't think I've seen you and Hailey together you both look great and you look exactly like each other. She could easily be your daughter. Those are terrific pictures from the ferry of Seattle. Now I'm worrying about the ferry ride.