Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Experiencing the EMP Museum

One last trip into Seattle before making the big city a beautiful reflection in the rear view mirror. Hailey loves music and so does Paul Allen (of Microsoft Fame)  So with lots of spare dimes he built a Museum next to the Space Needle combining two of his loves, Music and Science Fiction.... so I knew The EMP (Experience Music Project)  would need to be a place we would go.

And the place ends up looking like this.  

There are many unique places in the world that during a period of time create a sound that is like no other.  In fact it sets the stage for a different kind of music.  Seattle was just such a place in just such a time. 

While many  musical greats of various genre's  come from or called The Northwest home,  (Bing Crosby, Kenny G, Dave Mathews) it is the likes of  Jimmi Hendricks,  Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and most recently Macklamore that have heralded Seattle musical attention.

 The largest collections in the world of rare artifacts, hand-written lyrics, personal instruments, and original photographs celebrating the music and history of Seattle musicians  Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix.
Exhibits that cover pop culture, from the art of fantasy, horror cinema, and video games to science fiction literature and costumes from screen and stage.

What really makes the museum unique is the interactive activities included in galleries like Sound Lab and On Stage where visitors can explore hands-on the tools of rock 'n' roll through instruments, and perform music before a virtual audience.

Though the Grunge Music of the 80's and 90's has faded, the impact on music has prevailed.

The Museum is also a tribute to science fiction and the special effects used to make each movie believable and unique. 

 One of my all time favorite movies. The Wizard of Oz.. 


Made from real lion pelts, the lion costume was extremely heavy and very hot.


Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeves

 Captain Kirks Chair from direct from the Enterprise 

Hailey having fun in the special effects machine.

For the person who loves creating music this is a wonderful museum to experience music and music production.  The museum for me was not a let's go again and again kind of museum however it was definitely something I am glad we did. 

With music blasting in my head.....

~Happy Trails~


  1. I love the building along with all the neat things inside of it's artistic walls.

  2. I like the instrument sculpture. Looks like a fun museum. Hope you are enjoying your last few days of vacation!

  3. How fun . . . isn't that building just about the most amazing piece of architecture ever. I love all the reflections and how they change with the light at different times of the day and the different weather conditions :)