Monday, August 18, 2014

A Port in a Storm

Arriving in Port Townsend on the last day of the Fair brings its own challenges and rewards.  Purchasing camping privileges also allowed entrance to the fairgrounds and free tickets to a pulled pork barbeque.  The camping area was still packed with vendors and exhibitors but a little patience and beach walking near Fort Worden allowed the place to clear out a bit and we found a place to snuggle in.  By morning we nearly had the place to ourselves.

The light house at Fort Warden, now operated by the Coast Guard and fully automated.  It is not open to the public but is viewable from a slight distance from the beach or a walking path.  It is well visited by local sea gulls.

The super moon and the marina provided a beautiful spot for a moon rising after camp set up and a beach walk.

Port Townsend is a coastal town full of historic buildings and charm.  The court house sits high on a hill welcoming newcomers to the town.

 The post office seems more like a fortress guarding the town like the area forts than the local post office.  But the real charm in Port Townsend is the Victorian houses, little shops and restaurants in  the seaside town.

From Mansions,

to cottages


This mansion was converted to a hotel and could be yours for the right price!

This painted lady has the metal scroll work still in tack as was original on so many of the beaultiful old homes.

It is difficult to visit such a quaint little town without envisioning dreams of restoring such a grand ladies as we have seen.  Unfortunately a great deal of $$$ and paint not to mention skill and talent is also needed to bring them back to glory.  Dreams are cheap....reality not so much!


Camping buddies, Jim and Gayle, Debbie and Kim also arrived at the Fairgrounds for a few days  As I welcomed them back..... I saw clouds rolling in signaling a change in weather.  Rain was due for a few days so we all prepared for some indoor times

We found a place to watch the glorious sunset.

Until the sky and water became one

And the rains came.



  1. I'd say you had some day. This is an absolutely gorgeous post from the lighthouse to the super moon to those fantastic buildings to the sunset. After that what's a little rain? Really really fantastic pictures. Wish I could have done this day with you.

  2. What a wonderful little town. Pictures are great. love the Victorian Homes and Cottages. Yes dreams are cheap but at least we have them. :)

  3. This is one of my very favorite places to visit. If you are still there checkout the Rose Theater. It is divine and like stepping back into an era when going to the movies was a luxury of plush red carpet, velvet curtains, ornament ceiling and walls . . . it is outstanding and a beuitful place to for a date night or an afternoon with a girlfriend :)

  4. You got some great shots from Port T. Hope you've been having an uneventful time since you left! We're leaving for Baker Lake today, then North Cascades. Planning to head that way?

  5. It's been a million years since I've been in PT...thanks for the tour. It is even more beautiful than I remember. Looks like you are having a good time on the road.