Friday, August 8, 2014

Go West Ladies - Far Far West

After leaving misty Mora, we decided to risk it all and head to the Hoh Rain Forest.  We had already proved we can brave the elements, so whats a little rain. We can handle it!

A teepee canape of green

We arrive in the Hoh Rain Forest and it is sunny, 80 degrees and green, green green.  We decide to take a short trail called Trail of Mosses.  And true to its name there is Plenty of Moss.  Since we have been living in the Rain Forest side of the Olympic Mountains for the last week we have seen plenty of green and oodles of moss.  But this place is just Beautiful.


The diversity of the color and shades of green and  all textures in the rain forest are amazing.

We risked rain and got sunburned!  We we positively HOT after our hike.  We have definitely found cool temperatures in our summer travels which have rarely been up to the seventies.  So we head back to our mountain retreat at Sol Duc campground, a little farther North and East in the Olympic Peninsula.

On the Benchmark I found the campground confusing as the Benchmark listed an RV Resort and I KNEW it would Not be our kind of place and I was so right.  On up the road anther 1/4 mile is another campground which is part of the Olympic National Park so it had great senior prices of $7.00 per nite.  Most of the sites were adequate for us but might be challenging for a big rig.  If you want hook ups or are traveling with a big rig the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort might better serve your needs.
Finding a level spot that provides enough sun to charge the battery is a challenge deep in the forest.

  The next morning we strapped on our hiking boots and headed out to the Sol Duc Falls


There are trails that head out from two of the loops in the campground or a little farther up the road is the main trail head with the shortest distance to the Falls.  We choose the shorter distance of .9 miles as we would be hiking further later in the day. 


This was a beautiful hike and one I would definitely recommend. 

We practiced taking selfies...... in the end we went with a pic that a kind gentleman took for us.
I probably never want to see me in a selfie again..... who wants to see their wrinkles up THAT CLOSE!! 
One of the features I find unique to the Olympic National Park is this huge wilderness has so many different climates and features.  High glacier mountains, alpine meadows, thick dark forests rugged beaches, and green rain forests.  With average yearly rainfalls ranging from 20 inches to 200 inches providing an immense difference of climates and variety of activities. You can be covered in clouds one minute, drive 5 miles and have sunny blue sky, go to the beach and be covered in mist.  It is just crazy!  I don't know how to dress in the morning.  My best recommendation is to dress in layers and spend the day pealing of the layers as needed. 

Next Stop.....Neah Bay and Cape Flattery
 We're head out to the farthest point west in the Continental United States, Cape Flattery. 
The blue of the water reflect of the blue of the sky.....Ah, my kind of day!

We follow along the shore stopping at view points looking for elusive whales, sea lions and other sea life know to travel in the Neah Bay area.

Oh - Oh sneaky mist on the horizon.....
Never Mind... Onward West Ward
We make our way to the trail head at Cape Flattery, the rest of the way by foot.
The Point of Point Flattery

 Huge caves are carved under the point, eroded by the violent storms and waves crashing against the cliffs.  The cape is constantly changing and it is only a matter of time until the point as it is will be gone. 

On a clear day an island and light house is visible a short distance from the point.

But not today.  This was our view....

No whales today but, I did see a sea lion but was not quick enough on the draw for a pic.

This is a picture of a rare bird.... A puffin.  I understand people come great distanes for a glimpse of a puffin, so I feel blessed to have gotten even a blurry picture as evidence that I was here and witnessed it's presence.

 Emerging from the mist

This folks was a color shot....Another day setting with the sun....

~  Happy Trails ~

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  1. Nothing will do but WOW! what pictures just WOW!

    As I look at more pictures of your journey I have notice that Haley is growing into a very beautiful young lady. I went back to look at early pictures of her and it is amazing how much she has blossomed under your wing. Great Job Grandma