Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back to Seattle....

We left you back in Seattle, after a quick trip on the Monorail we were on a walking tour of the Waterfront.  We headed to Pikes Market where the Fish Market and oodles of shops are located.  There are some iconic pic spots so of course we had to try our had at a few.
   Pike Street Public Market.
At the Market Place are some locals celebrities..... including Rachael the Pig the mascot of the Market place.  The 550 fifty pound beast (a bronze cast piggy bank) was created by Georgia Gerber, a sculptor from Whidbey Island, Washington. 

After following the bronze pig hoove prints we  find her at the entrance of the Pike Place Market.  It is said that if you rub Rachel's nose and donate money, that you're bound to find good luck.  If you don't strike luck, well at least you're doing the community good, with all donations going to Pike Place Market Foundation to assist low-income locals.

Alas, we were not able to get a pic of the thrown fish at Pikes Street Fish Market

From the internet

Every fan of coffee has probably heard of Starbucks.  We walked by the first Starbucks near the market..... I' not sure why, but people line up all day long to get a coffee from this first store.

A little street side music, a quick pose and we are on our way.

Now if you a looking for something quirky (or more than a little disgusting!) to do in Seattle.....

Check out the Bubble gum wall near the Pike Street Market in an alleyway  Literally a wall covered in chewed gum, the site is located under the market and next to the Market Theatre's box office on what is called Lower Post Alley.   Unlike some alleys, this one smells pleasant.....a fruity minty smell.  This place is one that will stick in your memory.

I tried out a different place along the wharf to get something to eat, as I was in need of a little protein before the ferry ride back to the campsite.  I ate smoked salmon and potato wedges.

While I waited for our order, Hailey hung over the rail at the water and played hide and seek with a sea otter.  No pics but it was a great time.

Seattle is an eclectic city with something for everyone.  Starbucks for the yuppified.....street music for the hippified and everything in between.

The Ferris Wheel on the waterfront is new since the last time I was in Seattle.  We took a ride at sunset and enjoyed the city turning to sparkling twinkle lights as the light disappeared from the day. 

So we headed back to the ferry terminal and hopped on the only ferry on the schedule board at the time.

Unfortunately we were in the WRONG area.
Went to the WRONG town.
After the hour ferry ride we were put on another Ferry to the right destination.
Two hours of Ferry rides, another hour drive back to our little home and we were exhausted.

I have been asked how I could manage to get on the WRONG Ferry.....

Not sure I have a good answer for that,
but, we ended up taking the afternoon ferry from a different location than I researched.  What stuck in my mind was the original location so that is where we went that night.
Exhausted as I was, it was a good thing we didn't end up in Alaska!

We were rewarded with opportunities to get a great water front shot of Seattle Night Lights.

A Tired by Happy Trails to you all!!


  1. I know it's summertime but a bowl of Iver's clam chowder, down by the market would have been a great lunch. That white dog with the street musicians looks to have some basset hound in his dna. Iv'e taken those wrong ferries before, and I lived there when doing

  2. What a lovely tour. It has been about three years since we have gone to this amazing city and your post made me realize that it's time from another visit:) The street musicians of Seattle are one of my very favorite things. That and the waterfront and Pikes Market. It is a city with so much versatility that like you said there is something for everyone. Thanks for the wonderful tour. We have not seen the Ferris Wheel and that chewing gum wall just keeps on growing (I was surprised by your photo).
    Great post!
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  3. Seattle at night is gorgeous! Thanks for the tour.

  4. It's always fun to see my home town again. I rather like the tourist view you have been showing, usually, I am just rushing over for some family event and don't really see town.

    Where did you stay, I heard there really wasn't anything in town. I have often thought about leaving my trailer somewhere, like North Bend and just heading into town from there.

    I am sure you had a good time but must be exhausted with all the walking.

  5. The pictures are really breath taking. I would have been so beat I would sleep on a park bench after that day long adventure. :)