Monday, August 11, 2014

Every Day Doesn't Go Perfectly....But Every Day Is Perfect

Before departing form Sol Duc we make a final evening trip to Lake Crescent.  Not only is it a pristine lake in the middle of the Olympic National Park but it is a bit like stepping back into time. 

 It so reminded my of my childhood trip to Glacier Park and visiting the massive lodge. 

This lodge is not nearly as large or Grand, but it was a beautiful spot and people enjoying the simple pleasures of the quiet place.  

Families enjoying their time together- NOONE staring at all their electronic gadgets.


A Simple Quiet Time


Maybe the Walton's vacationed in such a spot.....
 I can almost hear them now.... goodnight JohnBoy..... Goodnight Grandpa..... Good nite Grandma.....


 It started out as one of those mornings that make you wonder why you didn't just lay in bed and watch the billowy clouds float by.  But my optimism  runs highest in the morning and I am always sure it is going to be a wonderful day. 

I getting the trailer ready for a move down the road a bit to another Olympic National Park Campground, Heart O' the Hills.  It sits perched high ridge overlooking Sequim, Wa.  It is again sheltered in a canopy of trees letting in very little sunlight.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

I love the early morning.  The quiet (and coffee) gently allowing my brain to catch up with the day.  It doesn't take long to get things put away and begin the count down to departure.  I enjoy the quiet so much that I let Hailey sleep through most of the camp breakdown and she Loves her sleep!  It takes a full half hour to roust her out of bed and only then does she finally roll out as my last nerve is frying.

As I finish getting the camper ready, she disapears for 1/2 hour and came back with with these pics.....

While  she was off capturing nature in action....I watched as the last campers are taking off leaving for the day or like us moving on to another campground and we are finally ready for take off.  Only try to start the truck, do to excessive charging of electronics in the truck overnight..... the battery won't turn over!  GRRRRRR 

Sweet little Hailey goes in search of a camper willing to jump start the truck (I am sooooo glad I brought those jump cables!!  Thanks Auntie!)  One quick jump and we are off.

We pass through the towns of Port Angeles and Sequim before heading up, up, up into the mountains again.  After we pass through the ranger station entry we pass several signs on the right, and one on the left.  Of course I didn't get all of them read....missing the one that said Heart O' the Hills campground.  We keep going farther and farther up the mountain.  By the time I realized that we had passed the entrance I could not find a turnaround big enough for us to go back down.  This is a long grade of  7 - 8 % and very curvy in many spots.   I counting the mile markers one after another.....(with a small X%@*>&/ under my breath with each marker) as I tow the entire 17 miles up the mountain towing the trailer.

One lesson I learned on this trip is to arrive as close to check in time as possible to ensure getting a vacating spot.  Waiting until late in the afternoon is foolhardy if you want a place to lay your head down at night.  

Trust me hand wringing was ensuing.

At the top of Hurricane Ridge the sky broke open into blue brilliance.  And for a moment I thought I heard Julie Andrews break into song...... The hills are alive with the sound of Music!!!!

Hurricane Ridge from hike viewpoint overlooking Sequim 

 We found a campsite in the same loop as our camping/blogging buddies.  All is good.

Lesson learned (again) It doesn't have to go perfect....but in the end the day was just perfect!!

` ~ Happy Trails ~  



  1. I am not fond of those high climbs as it is but to be pulling a trailer would make me die. But the pictures are great. Yes all plans aren't perfect but the day can still be perfect.

  2. Your trip has been so much fun and I have truly been enjoying be able to part take in your adventure. Thank you for taking the time to share all of your marvelous photos with us.
    Keep Smiling,
    Connie :)

  3. Sounds a little nerve wracking but all's well that ends well. I've definitely had days like those. Great pictures.