Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What a Day!!

Be forwarded, today is a mixture of highs and lows that come with my life.

I woke up and proceeded with my morning routine, a little coffee, a little news, a little catching up on blogs and email all while lazing around in my jammies.  I was sitting at the computer when I heard pounding coming from the front yard.   This is what I found...

I have a sign

I came back in to a telephone call from the realtor and while we talked two calls came in to her wanting to see my house. So on the day it hit the multiple listings I had two showings the first in just three hours.  I guess this means I must get dressed and the house looking its best before I get out of here.    I was immediately flooded with crashed with memories of unfinished tasks and a very short time to finish. Sheri, my realtor stopped by with the finished fliers for the box and then I was off to the garage to finish up.  I still have two piles.... one destined for disposal, donation of give away and the other items for the trailer.  Some that will make it into the trailer others probably not.  How creative do you suppose my packing skills are?

Here are some more pictures of the house that I haven't posted.


Family Room

back yard barn and pasture

                                                         View from the front windows

There were two viewing on the first day.

We were able to get feed back from the parties realtor.
They loved the house..... they hated the neighbors yard.


I can't blame them. 
Here is the bad news....
           This is the house next door.

There are 7 abandoned cars, 2 boats and 2 RV's and a trailer in the front yard loaded with garbage.

 Who wants to live next door to a junk yard?

I know I don't.
They also have 4 pit bulls that bark every time anyone goes outside.

I have put so much time focusing on what I can improve but there are some things I have no control over.

I will just have to wait and see how it shakes out.  It is just day 1.


  1. Oh my when I read your profile we are almost identical...all those animals. We are cleaning out our house right now, ready to hit the road April 1st. We are getting really tired and emotionally exhausted. Good luck selling your house.

  2. Your house looks fabulous. Aren't there laws about junk on property?? And nuisance dogs?? Or are you too far out in the country. Your neighbors are a bummer. Buyers could put up a 12' high fence. Got my fingers crossed for you.

  3. What a beautiful home and to wake up to see the sign flapping in the wind. It must be a rush to know your that close. We met with a realtor last's wild to think we getting that close. We have neighbors that park in their yard on occasion as well...grrrrrrr Hoping day of the open house they are on vacation! Hoping the pups are taking naps the times anyone comes for a viewing! Crossing my fingers as well!

  4. Your place is beautiful. I'm with Sherry hate nasty dirty neighbors.
    Good Luck

  5. Well, depending on how wonderful the house was, I could handle the trashy yard next door...maybe...but the four pit bulls? That would be impossible for me to handle. Hopefully someone will come along who loves dogs, maybe has a pit bull as well? and loves your lovely home. Good luck to you! It was fun to see familiar Spokane landscapes...or Deer Park...or whatever it was, still it looked soooo familiar to me.

  6. Karen- it looks gorgeous. I wish I could come there and buy your house. I would just shoot the dogs- lol and can't see well anymore so the neighbors junk wouldn't be so bad. Take a deep breath and let it flow. Keep your eye on the prize.

  7. Your house looks really great! Very nice yards, too. The neighbor next door wouldn't bother me. You're out in the country and the neighbor's house is big and nice. Although there are a lot of vehicles, it's not a normal sized lot, like our California 30 by 50, so doesn't look as bad. I'd be a little leery of the dogs, but I agree with Sue, there's a buyer for every property, and I have my fingers crossed that yours sells very fast. :)

  8. Good luck with the house sale. I would be concerned about living next to the pit bulls too but then, you have never mentioned a problem with them.