Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Marathon Day

Yesterday if you will remember was the day for the photographer to take the pictures of the house for the sale flier and on line adds.  My day started at O dark thirty where I raced through the final preparations feeling less then confident that I would finish all the items on my work list.

The carpet installers arrived at 8:00 AM to add the last of the trim work and try to fix the cable tv connections that had been dismantled when they installed the carpet on Tuesday.  The trim looks great but the cable is not operating correctly.  But it is not worth a fuss or a Comcast service call.  I  am still planning to leave at the end of March for Utah.  That is a bit fuzzy as a quick sale could bring that plan to a screeching halt.  With my luck, I'll get to Utah and set up a great base camp and then the house will sell.  It would be hard to be upset with that outcome though.  I am ready for an adventure and need some down time so time will tell.

The carpet installers finished in about an hour including a huge favor for me.  They moved my huge solid oak entertainment center to the garage so the dining room was ready for final staging. I was extremely grateful for their help as I was not able to find anyone who could do that for me.  After they left it was back to work for me....

After another two hours of work, I was feeling frazzled and frantic that I would not be finished before the 3:00 deadline.  The doorbell rang and I remember muttering to myself, "Now who is that?"  I opened the door to my Auntie who was holding a bucket of cleaning supplies.  She greeted me, with a warm " Show me what to do!!"  Bless her heart she vacuumed and dusted the entire upstairs and lower level of the house.  I finished the final staging and cleaning outside.

The only downside is a lot of crapola got tossed into the garage..... another item on the to do list.... DAMN!!

The Photographer and Realtor arrived early at 2:30...  the realtor helped me move my trailer Lolita out of the driveway and we cleaned the driveway!!  It was a gorgeous sunshiny day so even though the landscape isn't green yet, the photo's should present the house in a favorable light.  After the photos, I signed the contract for the real estate listing and I collapsed on the couch to watch my favorite basketball team, the Gonzaga University bulldogs who are ranked number 1 in the nation.  While I was still working I was a guest speaker in a number of undergraduate and graduate education classes for Gonzaga so the team is near and dear to my heart.

So remember, the cable fiasco....  It seems the high interest due to the #1 ranking of Gonzaga moved the game to prime time on ESPN.  With no cable TV and no energy to move from the couch I missed the game.  But the Bulldogs didn't disappoint.  They easily won without my help.  I will have to save a little energy on game days to make it to a sports bar and watch the Gonzaga games.

Well that was it.  
I was one tired puppy....

  The house is officially on the market......   



  1. Congratulations! That's a big step. Now let's just hope for a quick sale - but maybe not so quick as to interrupt your well deserved trip to Utah.

  2. I don't know what time 0 dark thirty is, but that's way too early for this night owl.

    What a nice Auntie you have!!!

    Enjoy your time off to Utah.

  3. great! im sure youll have a great deal with the house. it looks really beautiful.

  4. WHOO HOO! Right down to the finish and you got er done. Bet you are feeling great. Hope you plan on taking a long time to get to Utah. Isn't April a little early?? Or maybe not. I don't know Utah.

  5. Is the top photo going to appear in the real estate add? ;)

  6. Yes, Susan Auntie is one in a million and yes it is way to early!
    Sherry -April is a perfect month for Utah.... dessert in bloom, warm during the day though it can get down right chilly at night!
    Yep, Judy, I made some collages of pictures of the yard and sunsets and they I'm emailing the pics to the real estate agents so that they can use them. It is one of my favorites!

  7. I am tired just reading this! Such exciting times for you Karen and I know you are chomping at the bit to get on the road. Hoping things go well from here......see you on the road friend.

  8. Don't know who looks more tired,you or the puppy dog. Praying your house will sell quickly at a price you will smile about. Enjoy your trip to Utah. I've never been there, but it's on our ever growing bucket list.

  9. Congrats! that's a lot of hard work. I'm a few months behind you just getting started on the house painting. Wishing you a great trip to Utah and start of your travels.

  10. Well you in the stretch now best of luck.

  11. Woohoo! You have pulled it off! You must have a real sense of accomplishment at this point.