Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting Lolita Ready to Roll

New tires are the order of the day.  The tires were on Lolita (a vintage trailer) when I bought her 4 years ago.  While the tread is nearly new, I have no idea how old the trailer tires are and I don't want to take a chance of a blow out so new tires it is. I recently found a couple of hub caps to replace the lost one on the trailer.  Cleaned and polished with a fresh coat of paint, I took them along to be put on after the new tires were installed.

I decided to go with Les Swab Tires as there are so many in the west and they have such good customer service.  Once I had a dead battery and they came and gave me a jump start for no charge.  I didn't even have Les Swab tires on my truck at the time.  They really know how to treat their customers.  They made a believer out of me.

Due to snow season coming to a close, the tire store was really hopping.  They said it would be a 3 hour wait.  Since I hate the smell of tire stores.  I went out into Lolita and busied myself trying to make order of chaos.  Only people who live in small places can know how quickly order can turn to a complete disaster.

In about two hours they were done and with the new hub caps in place we were on our way although a bit poorer. Then I was off to get propane.  With two tanks filled I was home to park the trailer behind the fence in its little home.  My neighbor wasn't home so I actually backed her up and through the fence with only a foot and !/2 on each side.  I didn't have extended mirrors or back up cameras or a flagger.  It was a miracle!!!!  Here is the proof!  

By the time I got home one of the hub caps was missing.  I retraced my path, but no luck.  Fortunetly I had bought a spare so I put it on myself and now it looks good again.... but who knows how long it will stay there.

With no showings for the day, I decided a little shopping was in order.  I am in need of a good ice chest and of course extended mirrors so a little shopping it is.  There is a Camping World and 3 huge RV lots and service centers within a 3 mile radius plus a Cabala's and 3 more sporting goods stores.  That should keep me busy for days! 

I only made it to two stores for today, Camper World and Cabela's.  I did manage to purchase the extender mirrors at Camper World and they installed them for free.  (It could have been hours for me to figure it out - if at all)  They certainly have a lot of gadgets! On top of that I got this complementary bag.

How cool is that!!

Living the lifestyle says it all!

Normally I do most of my shopping on Amazon but....

                                                   Hey this is fun!  


  1. LOVE that bag. Free from Camping World?? Really?? That's great. Glad to see you are out getting Lolita ready to roll. That is an AMAZING back up job you did. You are definitely an expert trailer driver. When we meet up, I need lessons.

  2. Moving right along... Great parking job! I have mirrors, of course, and a back-up camera, but I still get out and check, sometimes many times, before I get exactly where I want to be.

    Cute bag. That will come in handy, for sure. :)

  3. Isn't it amazing how fast someone can put something on that have the right tools and the know how. Nice bag, need to go back and get another one :)

  4. You must have been a trailer backer upper expert in a past life! That's two times recently. Awesome. I almost went to Camping World today.....wish I had, love that bag. How expensive were the mirrors? I drove from Atlanta to Texas without them then found out they are required. Lucky I didn't get stopped. Sure would have made life easier changing lanes, especially on the fast roads! You sound great, I think you might be getting excited??? Keep up the good work.

  5. We LOVE our Camping World bag. At RV parks, we use it to take our place settings and drinks to park potlucks. We've used it as a towel bag for the pool too. Pretty handy bag and it folds flat for storage!

  6. Making great strides in getting off on the road. I wish I could find me a van already.
    I'll keep following along with you.

  7. Not to scare you, but watching newbies back into RV sites is considered "entertainment" ...
    better than TV :) People place bets on how many attempts it will take to get their rig situated.
    Have no fear tho... you will have a half dozen bored old men giving you hand signals and at your beck and call. :))
    Box Canyon Mark

  8. This week should have my house ready to put on the market, then I can start saving money for 'retirement'. And an RV. Good on getting new tires. Since I'll end up with something used that is on the list of things I plan on just replacing when I actually get something.

  9. Backing up is NOT my favorite thing to do but given enough time and determination I usually get it done. (Of course I look first for a spot that I don't need to back up!) I have a horse trailer so I do have some experience but the tongue length on this trailer is VERY short so it is difficult. Some seasoned truck male truck drivers have had difficulty backing it up. (I of course always get a kick out of that!) I usually want to do it myself because I need to and am determined to learn how to do it!! All I ask is for looky loos to not laugh out loud! I'm always willing and able to entertain!!!