Friday, March 8, 2013

Tomorrow is a Big Day

I haven't been posting as much as I would like.... but I have been BUSSSSSY!

I have been scrubbing, bagging and hauling junk and a few treasures.  I had to empty out 3 closets and the everything out of the living room.  This weeks big news is the carpet is laid.  It is amazing how much it changes the character of the house. Most of the house is hardwood floors.  The kitchen vinyl plank and now the living room has fresh new carpet.  Yep, I checked, its my things in the rooms, but I'm not sure it is my house anymore.  The new owners just haven't looked at it yet and I have a new job to keep it clean for the new owners!  So here are some pics of the living room from different angles. 

 The picture above the couch is painting of the old family homestead.  Check out the baseboards that I cut and installed myself.

I did the wall treatments, painted the fireplace.... it was previously all white and built the cornice board above the drapes.  These have been like this for several years so I was able to enjoy them.


 The clutter is all gone (and NOT coming back!)  I think it is at the garbage transfer station by now.


 Tomorrow is a Reallllly big day.  The realtors photographer is coming to take the picture for the on line add and flier.  After that I will sign the papers and my house will be officially on the market.  I have accomplished a lot in a short period of time.  I did make some steps towards making my dream a reality but just when I was gathering steam, I broke my leg.  I was not able to get back to it until after Christmas.

Right now my biggest fear is the realtor will come and make another big list of things to do.  While things may need to be done.  I think I am about done in.

It will be a long night tonight and tomorrow.  I'll be doing the spit and polish thing and then I will take more pictures.  That way you can see what I have been up too and they will be good for me to have for my memory photo's.   I think I see the finish line up in the distance.

 I may just fall over the finish line.


  1. You are doing great and are really close. Don't fall down yet. I think they will tell you to take down your photos. You want the people looking at it to imagine it as their own and personal photos interfere with that. Otherwise, it looks great.

  2. You've done quite a job, it all looks wonderful! Your rooms look big and bright, exactly what people are looking for. Good luck tomorrow, I hope you get some offers quickly!

  3. What a beautiful job you've done! Before you know it you'll be on the road, living your dream.

  4. Those days were hectic. Your house looks lovely. I don't think you'll have any trouble selling it. Be ready to move because it can happen fast!

    Good luck.

  5. What a lot of work you have done. It looks wonderful! I hope the real estate agent does a quick and efficient job of selling it for you.

  6. You have been getting a lot of work done. From the pictures you have put up, I don't see that house taking long to sell. In 35 minutes I will start on my house inside but will try to sell it on my own.

    Your house looks great!!

  7. wow, go look at the pictures from earlier and you will so exactly HOW far you've come! Looks great. Understand the idea of falling over the finish line. LOL. Don't forget to spring ahead tonight- another time thief.


  8. great! can you come over ;-) and do our living room too? your house looks great. a very good make over of the house indeed

  9. Looks really good. You have worked very hard on getting ready for the sale. Now good luck and hope it sells quickly for you.