Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Name is Karen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and I'm a Shopaholic

First of all, I have hated shopping for many years.  I have avoided going into stores and when I really must go to a store I pick a stand alone store enter, go directly to the needed item and then purchase the item and leave the store.  No comparison shopping nor going from store to store. 
Find it, buy it. 

It' as simple as that.


Amazon has made shopping even simpler.  I am able to find a selection of items, read the supplied information and customer reviews before making a selection and purchasing all from the comfort of home while still in my slippers and jammies while drinking coffee. 

Now that is my kind of shopping.

For months I have actively avoided adding to my collection of stuff.  I have spent an incredible amount of time and energy disposing of my accumulated stash. Yet here I am on Amazon spending an inordinate amount of time shopping, buying and collecting new treasures for my new RV lifestyle.  I am not quite free from the constraints of my old lifestyle and already here I am accumulating more STUFF.

Granted there is a limited amount of items that can be stuffed into a 16 ft trailer but I need to shut down my shopping before there is no room for me.  I certainly can justify the purchases, (is this a red flag?) but it feels contrary to the value of simplicity that I'm striving for in my life . 

   Maybe It's gotten out of hand......

Do I need an intervention? 

P.S. In my next post, I'll share my, I can't live without purchases and you can decide if I have gone, over...

(thanks Google Images and Amazon, It's been fun.)


  1. I just posted a comment and my internet died as I did it so if it came through to you, don't post this. As best I remember I said.

    Really great images and fun post. I don't see you as a shopaholic but can't wait to see these purchases that are making you worry that you are one. I'm one of the hate to shop folks, even hate to go into stores including grocery stores. But I like to see what other people buy. Hope that doesn't encourage them since the more you buy the more of your life you have to spend making money to pay for and protect it. :-)

  2. you have certainly done a great job of unloading stuff from your old life, but you need different stuff for the camper that fit the new lifestyle! Amazon is addicting though, I need a 12 step program for it. Can't wait to see what you have gotten.

  3. Well the one good thing like you said, you can't over buy now no where to put it all. I know one thing I will think long and hard before I buy anything, after all we have gone through this month downsizing. Whew alot of stuff went to Good Will.

    1. Oh yes, looking forward to those purchases, I still enjoy seeing what others buy. LOL